Wine Ambassador Celebrates a Successful Year With Its 2020 Crush It Virtual National Convention

Wine Ambassador knows a little something about crushing it. After all, the business entered the marketplace in late 2018, when many would-be entrepreneurs took a step back and established businesses put expansion plans on hold. Not this fast-growing direct to consumer wine business. The company has surpassed even its own expectations and announced an enviable slate of accomplishments and future plans at its recent inaugural team gathering, aptly called the 2020 Crush It Virtual National Convention.

Wine Ambassador, based in Napa, California, is an exclusive fine wine club that lets clients choose to be Customers or Ambassadors. Customers pay a monthly fee to have carefully curated wines delivered to their door each month. Ambassadors, for their part market our wine club membership and for this they earn weekly commissions directly paid to their Wine Ambassador VISA card.

So, just what is the secret behind the growth of this company that kept the faith in the face of the monumental challenges of a pandemic? In the words of one of the founders Mr. Brett Hudson, “It is our firm belief that good wine brings people together no matter the circumstances.” That, plus a wealth of industry expertise and a focus on innovation. Their smart bet was on full display at their National Crush It convention, which was held earlier this month.

Some of the announcements coming out of the event included:

  • A giveback of $5000 from the sale of its “PINK” label wines during October to breast cancer awareness initiatives
  • Unveiling of a new high-end GrandCru wine collection
  • Newly branded shipping boxes to increase name recognition
  • Expansion of its Wine Business Opportunity to now comprise 20 countries!
  • Introduction of its WineBot marketing tool – an SMS Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbot – to support Ambassadors’ prospecting efforts
  • Launch of a 30-minute infomercial to air in December to raise brand awareness and create inbound leads for its Ambassadors
  • Celebration of its Top 20 Ambassadors
  • An annual special event for Ambassadors to be held each fall during Harvest Time at the company’s Wine Ambassador Vineyards in Napa

“We’ve really doubled down on relentlessly innovating to give our members unique ways to enjoy fine wines and the camaraderie that goes with that in these crazy times. We also focused on providing Ambassadors with tools to help them succeed,” explained Brett Hudson, President, Wine Ambassador.

“We take great pride things like continuous learning, free leads, infomercial leads and a virtual online tasting program,” he added. “We also take a lot of pleasure in delighting our exclusive members with our ‘Build Your Own Case’ for people who want to purchase these additional fines each month. We can’t wait to continue to share the Wine Ambassador’s lifestyle with consumers around the world in 2021.”

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Source: Wine Ambassador