When COVID Eats Your Book on Hope, Have a Book Signing Anyway

Internationally loved basketball coach and founder of NBC Camps, Fred Crowell, has released a new book

Many people may recall, as a kid, stuffing a basketball under their t-shirt and rubbing their belly like they were about to give birth. The birthing process is rather quick – simply stretch out the t-shirt and out pops the bouncing baby ball. Producing a book for internationally loved basketball coach and NBC Camps founder Fred Crowell in 2020 during COVID-19 … nothing like this. It’s more like birthing a baby elephant.

COVID-19 created a publisher backlog longer than the lines at Costco for toilet paper. While TP eventually got restocked, paper for books was delayed as widespread fires raged in California.

Fred’s signing events were postponed, as interior pages were printed without a cover. No one wants a floppy book, even if it may have its uses, and TP was already back in stock.

One signing event could not be postponed. Even without books, in Fred Crowell fashion, the audience was captivated and in tears from laughter, joy, and sadness rolled into one. Among the small gathering was Cathy McMorris Rogers and Kitara Johnson-Jones. 

Kitara shared on her Facebook wall: 

“Tonight, I was so blessed to listen to the founder of NBC Basketball Camps Fred Crowell. This man has touched so many young people’s lives. Now battling cancer that has filled his body, he still has love, hope, and joy that filled the room … I can hardly wait to read his new book.” – Kitara Johnson-Jones, Excelsior Wellness Center

“We all need words of hope to bring healing to our generation. We all need to be inspired as to the power of gratitude to change lives and positively impact our generation,” said Cathy McMorris Rogers, Member of Congress.

Update on the baby elephant: Over 6,000 lbs. of “Words of Hope” books arrived, as Fred makes room in his garage for local-order pickups of his best-selling book.

FRED CROWELL is from a small fishing town of Anacortes, Washington, his life filled with a myriad of experiences primarily related to basketball: from a B.S. and M.Ed. from the University of Idaho to a successful university coaching position in Alaska to becoming the first coach of Athletes in Action, founder of NBC Camps, one of the largest sports camps for young people in the world, and to his current work as a counselor, spiritual director, entrepreneur, and author.

“I’ve been blessed by so many friends and loved ones throughout the world. As you read ‘Words of Hope,’ may you also experience the grace of God to use ordinary events in your life to become extraordinary. People are God’s miracles,” Crowell says.

Words of Hope is a devotional book that is filled with excellent practical advice on how to cling to hope even in the darkest of times.

To learn more visit WordsofHope.com.

For review copies, please email cory@wordsofhope.com.

Source: Fred Crowell