VPN FORCE: The Hybrid Workplace is Affecting Cybersecurity Practices

Belize, Belize, September 19, 2021 –(PR.com)– Even before COVID-19 interrupted the normal pace of workforces, remote work has been considered the future of work for quite a long time. Over the past decade, the whole suite of business communication platforms, enterprise software and video tools have provided loads of seemingly solid optional solutions for employees to connect and collaborate remotely.

After over one year of the pandemic outbreak, with the gradual reopening of workplaces, some employers and employees’ fundamental mindsets have permanently changed. In a recent report out of Accenture, 83% of 9,326 workers surveyed say they prefer a hybrid model – in which they can work remotely at least 25% of the time.

A hybrid workforce has become a new trend, which takes the form of a flexible structure comprising employees who work remotely and those who work from an office or central location.

Although some organizations have benefited from the hybrid and more flexible workforce before and during the pandemic, the dark side of the cyber world is rapidly evolving amid the fast-changing context. ESET research found that 73% of global businesses admitted they are likely to be impacted by a cybersecurity incident, and half said they’d already been breached in the past.

A cybersecurity expert at VPN FORCE recently analyzed the changing elements and risks in the hybrid workplace model. In the executive summary, business leaders and IT security managers are suggested to provide profound cybersecurity training for every member of the organization, especially remote workers and those operating a BYOD policy, to avoid systematical cyberattacks.

“With the digital facilities, modern companies and organizations have already gained the extended capability to provide support and allow some of the members to work from the flexible workplace,” a VPN FORCE spokesperson said. “However, it is important to handle the cybersecurity issue in their complex working scenarios carefully.”

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