Voxco Launches Voxco Intelligence, a No-Code Data Analytics Platform to Fuel the Future of Customer Insights

Voxco, the actionable insights platform, today announced an extension to their existing survey research platform with the launch of Voxco Intelligence. The launch comes at a time when the pandemic has transformed the way Voxco does business, with an ever-growing number of organizations realizing the importance of using digital platforms to better serve their customers.

After serving several major players in the retail, automotive & finance industry, Voxco Intelligence (previously Actify by Voxco) will now be available to organizations globally. The new offering – Voxco Intelligence, a no-code data analytics platform, will help organizations unlock the true potential of customer data using predictive analytics, AI & Machine learning models. Voxco Intelligence enables businesses to understand customers faster, uncover hidden insights and make effective decisions. 

Voxco’s existing omnichannel survey capabilities and Voxco Audience (global panel aggregation platform) will be integrated as one offering under Voxco Research. Voxco Intelligence perfectly complements Voxco Research as the two combined, ensure a seamless end-to-end solution for enterprises looking to gather feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights & act on them. It enables organizations to fuel experiences, foster loyalty & maximize customer LTV. 

“Most organizations struggle with implementing customer-centric solutions due to the poor quality of data they have. Often, they also lack the technical expertise that’s required to make sense of their data. Voxco Intelligence, with its AI & ML capabilities, helps them unlock their true growth potential by unifying & analyzing huge volumes of siloed data, developing actionable intelligence, and enabling business transformations”, said Sumit Aneja, CEO, Voxco. 

Transform experiences and survey research with Voxco Intelligence’s core capabilities:

Single Source of Truth

Gather customer data from multiple data sources and interactive channels, filter fraudulent data, and integrate and standardize it to create a complete 360 view of your customers.

Predictive Insights

Analyze omnichannel customer data to understand customer needs, measure emotion, predict next behavior & forecast business metrics in real-time 

Advanced Analytics

Using text analytics, identify and prioritize the most pressing issues by analyzing the underlying satisfaction drivers to understand customer sentiment and behavior.

Real-Time Actions

Combine AI and ML to recommend high-value actions to relevant teams in real-time. 

Voxco Intelligence also enhances efficiency with automation of manual tasks, standardization of data for easy analysis, and improved data visibility across levels. 

To find out more information, please visit www.voxco.com.


Voxco, a leading actionable insights platform, helps the world’s leading brands take data-driven decisions to drive growth & fuel omnichannel experiences. Using Voxco, organizations can foster loyalty, increase customer lifetime value and enhance risk management which delivers exceptional returns on investment. Over 500+ market research organizations, government & government agencies, universities and global corporations use Voxco to gather data, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Source: Voxco