Veggie-Only Burger Brand, Actual Veggies, Announces Expansion into Wegmans and The Fresh Market

Actual Veggies

Actual Veggies will soon release a line of naturally-colored burger buns.

Actual Veggies has announced that their chef-crafted veggie-only burger patties will be available to purchase in additional major supermarket chains, including Wegmans and The Fresh Market, in early March. The announcement comes just a month after the brand made history, being the first veggie burger brand to be displayed in the fresh section of Plum Market next to traditional beef burgers.

The brand, which launched during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020, has expanded rapidly in the past two years and received over $3M in funding to date. Known for their thick-cut, veggie-only patties made from real vegetables, the patties are among the first in the industry to be free from the unnecessary oils, preservatives, fillers, and additives, commonly found in popular vegetarian and vegan options. The brand has expanded it’s retail footprint to over 1,000 stores and plans to add an additional 1,000 stores to their roster by July of 2022.

“We’re super excited about the launch of Actual Veggies in Wegmans and The Fresh Market. Our growth over the past two years has been incredible and I think it really shows that there is a shift in consumer mindset. People want to know exactly what they’re putting into their body and we’re giving them that peace of mind.” – Hailey Swartz, Co-founder of Actual Veggies

In addition to expanding into additional retail stores, the brand will also attending Expo West from March 9th-March 11th, where they will be sampling some of their newest products, including The Actual Blue Breakfast Burger and The Actual Purple, Green, Black, and Orange Buns. Like the burgers, the buns will be oil-free and naturally colored from real vegetables. The company’s booth will be located at #N1438 North Hall Level 200: Hot Products.

“We have a lot of amazing things planned for the next few months, including some really innovative new products. We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for the brand.” – Jason Rosenbaum, Co-founder of Actual Veggies

About Actual Veggies
Actual Veggies is the first and only veggie burger brand to offer veggie-only patties that are free from preservatives, additives, and oils. The brand now offers four delicious variations of veggie-only burgers, including The Actual Black Burger, The Actual Green Burger, The Actual Orange Burger, and The Actual Purple Burger. The Non-GMO, gluten, nut, and soy-free burgers can be shopped on the brand’s website, or added to your grocery order from Aldi, Imperfect Foods, Sprouts Farmer Market, Fresh Direct, Hungryroot, Sunbasket and a continuously growing list of retailers that can be found on their website.

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