Trinity Packaging Supply Launches palmpalm™ Hand Sanitizer Product Line Nationwide

Trinity Packaging Supply, a full-service wholesale packaging supply company, has launched palmpalm™, a full line of fast-acting hand sanitizer and PPE products, manufactured in FDA-certified facilities. Initially created to help keep essential workers safe as they continued to operate during the COVID-19 crisis, palmpalm produces over 150,000 bottles of hand sanitizer weekly and has products in-stock and available at Amazon, Five Below, and other online retailers.

“At a time when things seem so uncertain, we feel obligated to help protect everyday consumers and essential workers who brave the COVID-19 pandemic to do their jobs,” said Anthony Magaraci, Trinity Packaging Supply CEO. “As the nation begins to reopen and we work together to navigate this ‘new normal,’ we are proud to be a reliable and trusted source of U.S.-made protective sanitizing products.”

As an essential business, Trinity provides a steady supply of PPE to customers across the nation, allowing hand sanitizer and disinfecting products to be accessible and in-stock. Formulated in alignment with the CDC and WHO’s recommendations, palmpalm sanitizers contain either 70% or 80% alcohol to ensure efficacy. palmpalm products also have the option of a fresh “cucumber melon” scent or “unscented”.

palmpalm’s current product line includes:

Magaraci is also part of a broader effort, the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) Manufacturing Coalition to fight COVID-19. Recognizing the urgent need for PPE, the coalition has leveraged the strength of its international manufacturing network to help ensure governments, health systems, and businesses have access to a safe, effective, and fast-acting hand sanitizer as well as other essential PPE products. In its ability to control all aspects of its supply chain, from the growth of the American-grown, corn-based ethanol to its manufacturing to the production of its bottles, Trinity is in a unique position to meet the demand and standards of essential businesses and consumers alike.

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About Trinity Packaging Supply

Trinity Packaging Supply is a national wholesale distributor of packaging and industrial supplies. The company has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies and best workplaces in America six years in a row. For over a decade, Trinity has helped companies transport their products to customers safely and securely. Trinity Packaging Supply is based in Voorhees, NJ, with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Columbus, and Atlanta.


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