TravelAccel and Sync.MD Sign Agreement to Provide Timely, HIPPA Compliant, Access to Vaccine and Health Records for Safe Travel

Using an adaptation of Sync.MD’s technology, we offer international travelers, tourists, and travel operators a simple, easy to use, solution meant to share accurate, equitable, secure, HIPPA-compliant, information on travelers’ health status beyond COVID-19 related vaccine and testing data.

TravelAccel Inc., a comprehensive travel marketing and management company, offers a complete, cost-effective, cloud-based integrated Travel Business Platform to tour and travel operators, cruise lines, DMCs, and international conference organizers, has entered into an exclusive collaboration and license agreement with Sync.MD Inc. to adapt Sync.MD’s innovative, HIPPA-compliant, health record sharing mobile technology platform for use by travelers and their operators to meet the need of emerging, post-COVID-19 pandemic global requirements.

“Travelers and tourists can use the technology to request medical records from their stateside healthcare provider and share this data and information, including proof of COVID-19 vaccination and test results, safely, in real-time, via an encrypted process with anyone involved in providing or assisting with their healthcare needs, as well with tour operators, cruise lines, DMCs international meeting, and conference organizers,” explained Eugene Luskin, the Chief Executive Officer of Sync.MD.

The mobile app, developed by Sync.MD, displays COVID-19 test results and proof of inoculation, which travelers have shared with each tour operator’s custom cloud-based dashboard to allow tour operators to determine whether they meet all the necessary requirements for global travel. [1]

“With more Americans being vaccinated against the coronavirus, the United States Congress passing legislation that temporarily bypasses the 135-year-old Passenger Vessel Services Act, which forbids foreign-flagged passenger ships from sailing between United States ports without making a stop at a foreign port, and several major cruise companies been cleared to resume cruises in the U.S. starting in late June and July 2021, there is a growing unmet need to verify and certify a traveler’s COVID-19 inoculation status and test results,” said David Lawrence, TravelAccel’s Chief Executive Officer.

“This unmet need is exacerbated by the expected growth of international travel following the European Union’s recent recommendation expanding the list of EU-member states considered safe enough to allow business travelers and tourists, opening the doors to vaccinated travelers from other countries, including the United States,” Lawrence explained. [2]

“In turn, the growth of the number of travelers necessitates navigating COVID-19 testing requirements and proof of vaccination, forcing travelers to plan ahead before leaving home or returning to the United States,” added Rafeek Kottai, TravelAccel’s Chief Technology Officer.

Beyond a Vaccine passport
With the increase in travel, national and international leaders in travel, technology, and politics are discussing the possibility and the legality of a vaccine passport, a document that verifies a traveler is fully vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the virus that causes COVID-19, or has a recent negative coronavirus test result.

“The purpose of such a COVID-19 vaccine passport is to help travelers prove test results or vaccination status and confirm that any personal information on these test results matches what is on their ticket and passport to avoid problems and delays at embarkation and disembarkation points,” Lawrence clarified.

“Using an adaptation of the Sync.MD technology, we offer international travelers, tourists, and travel operators a simple, easy to use, solution meant to share accurate, equitable, secure, and complete, HIPPA-compliant, information on travelers’ health status. The strength of Sync.MD technology is that it is developed by doctors and is designed to provide real-time access to health records, without the need for additional software and expenses. It eliminates the need for a separate COVID-19 passport that may face numerous concerns that are difficult to address,” Sync.MD’s Luskin said.

“Our mobile solution, which goes beyond just COVID-19 related vaccine and testing requirements established by governments, provides immediate access to urgent and emergent data, satisfies federal Data Privacy protections, is accessible anywhere, anytime to anyone given personal permission, and enables seamless transfer of medical records, including COVID-19 related information, across networks, providers, and locations. I expect that this will make an immediate impact in helping people start traveling safely again and reignite a crucial sector of the world economy,” Luskin concluded. [3]

About TravelAccel
TravelAccel combines more than 50 years of expertise in travel, technology, and marketing to eliminate the fragmented approach to the travel business. We offer the only completely customizable cloud-based travel operator business platform. TravelAccel understands that no two travel companies are the same. Our management team partners with you at all times, every step of the way. We collaborate with you on how best to structure and implement all the aspects of our platform, based on your company’s unique needs. Our mission is to help grow your product and your sales while eliminating a fragmented approach to the travel business. For more information, please visit our website.

About Sync.MD
Sync.MD patented technology enables individuals to securely store their complete and current health care records, and update information on their smartphone for seamless sharing of medical records with healthcare providers. Sync.MD helps solve the problem of connecting otherwise incompatible medical records systems, as well as meet the specific needs of those who travel or require specialized care beyond their usual healthcare provider. The company’s innovative technology enables higher quality of care, which means better outcomes and reduced costs for patients. For further information visit our website.

[1] The CDC regularly updated its guidelines. Travelers should review these guidelines before booking and leaving home. Online. Last accessed on June 1, 2020.
[2] Amendment to European Council Recommendation (EU) 2020/912. Online. Last accessed on June 1, 2021
[3] According to a report published by Bloomberg, the global travel industry customarily accounts for 10% of the global economy. And according to data from the World Travel and Tourism Council, every 1% increase in international arrivals adds approximately US $7.23 billion to the world’s cumulative gross domestic product. Online. Last accessed on June 1, 2020.