transcosmos helps Kosai city, Shizuoka prefecture renovate its LINE Official Account to enhance its features and services

Kosai City LINE Official Account

Kosai City LINE Official Account

With transcosmos DEC Connect in place, the city has enhanced the features of its LINE Official Account. To improve its services, the city will deliver more diverse information, including municipal information, information for families, disaster and disaster prevention via its renovation.

transcosmos inc. hereby announces that the company implemented DEC Connect, its proprietary API platform that lets users create links to various external systems, databases and more, to Kosai city, Shizuoka prefecture (Mayor: Takeshi Kageyama) on February 1, 2022. With the platform, transcosmos has assisted the city in renovating the Kosai City LINE Official Account (Account Name: Kosai City

With the aim of driving Kosai city’s sustainable development towards its future by making its citizens live and work in their communities, Kosai city has been sending out information featuring the charm of the city such as weekend events and local specialties not only to local residents but also to people who are interested in, and who are supporting the city via its LINE Official Account. Now, with transcosmos DEC Connect in place, the city has enhanced the features of its LINE Official Account. To make its services more convenient for citizens, the city will deliver more diverse information than before, including municipal information, information for families, disaster and disaster prevention and more via its renovated LINE Official Account released on February 1, 2022.

Kosai City LINE Official Account: Key enhanced features by DEC Connect

  • Segmented messaging: Delivers municipal information by topic

By selecting specific topics from municipal information, information for families, disaster and disaster prevention, and for businesses, users can receive only the information they want on a regular basis.

  • Rich menu: Tabbed rich menu

By switching tabs, three different menus appear on the screen, enabling users to quickly access more information on the rich menu than before.

  • API connect to external systems: Corporate Shuttle BaaS Route & Location

On December 2, 2021, Kosai city began a demonstration experiment on a new transport option known as “Corporate Shuttle BaaS,” which allows citizens to use private bus services already operated by large local companies. Given the surge in omicron cases, the Covid-19 variant, the city cancelled the experiment on January 25, 2022. Originally, Kosai city was planning to show route and location information on LINE, via the renovated account using DEC Connect’s feature that creates a link to external systems.

Reference) About Corporate Shuttle BaaS / Kosai City

Building on its track record in implementing features on the LINE Official Account, and managing the Accounts, transcosmos will continue to scale up DEC Connect features, thereby assisting local governments in utilizing LINE for more diverse areas. Ultimately, transcosmos will push forward and help all municipalities across Japan digitalize their services for their citizens.

About DEC Connect
DEC Connect is a communication management platform, which helps clients communicate with their customers by suitably combining various communication channels including LINE and Facebook Messenger with clients’ customer data, purchase data, website log and other customer databases as well as with chat solutions like bot and AI. With this platform, clients can send messages to their customers and execute chat-based initiatives without any development. At the same time, its API based design helps clients drastically reduce man-hour to connect various communication channels as well as to set link to external databases and solutions.

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