Toronto Plastic Surgeons Tiny Scar Breast Augmentation: Most Requested Procedure With Less Scars & Rapid Recovery

Ranked #1 In North America, breast augmentation is the most commonly requested procedure with the biggest concerns being scarring and downtime. With over 4,000 breast augmentations performed to date, Dr. Martin Jugenburg’s approach makes it possible for scarring nearly invisible to the naked eye, reduced surgery time and simpler healing.

Breast augmentation surgery demand booms amid pandemic as patients find remote work environments provide added flexibility, allowing for quicker recovery with less downtime. Utilizing the latest surgical techniques, Dr. Jugenburg and the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute team achieve desirable outcomes by aligning their approach with the patient’s goals. Dr. Jugenburg’s Tiny Scar Breast Augmentation, the most requested procedure, focuses on mitigating three primary concerns of breast implants: scarring, procedure time and recovery. 

  • Scarring – Typical scarring from breast implants are 4-8 cm., Dr. Jugenburg’s innovative approach accomplishes just a 2 cm incision for saline implants and a 2.5-3 cm incision for silicone implants. He explains, “Nobody wants the tell-tale sign of surgery. Our tiny scar breast augmentation allows us to perform a breast augmentation through an incision that when well healed and well placed, looks like a small wrinkle.”​
  • Procedure Time – A Tiny Scar Breast Augmentation can be performed in half an hour under local or general anesthesia; whereas, a traditional breast augmentation takes one to two hours.​ ​
  • Recovery – While there is no exact timeline for recovery, patients undergoing a Tiny Scar Breast Augmentation typically can return to regular activities within five to seven days. They are able to resume exercise and more strenuous activities in approximately six weeks. 

Further benefits are seen with the use of  Dr. Jugenburg’s preferred implant: “Both implants work for our approach, but we vastly prefer saline implants. Despite the common belief that silicone has a more natural feel, most women have their own breast tissue to cover the implant making it tough to tell whether it is silicone or saline underneath. Your surgeon not only has more control on results with the ability to adjust even the minor asymmetries, but saline is widely considered safer and simpler among the two. The biggest advantage to saline implants is the smaller incision site, which coins the term ‘tiny scar’ breast augmentation.”

Dr. Martin Jugenburg a.k.a. ‘Dr. Six’ has been a household name in plastic surgery for over a decade as one of Canada’s most renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeons, recognized worldwide for his popularity on social media. Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Martin Jugenburg is widely published and continues to be involved in the education and training of plastic surgeons worldwide through his social media channels. He is often invited internationally to teach other plastic surgeons various surgical techniques he perfected, including his signature Tiny Scar Breast Augmentation approach. 

When considering breast enlargement, it is important to research and find the best plastic surgeon with a specialty in the specific procedure requested. Selecting an inexperienced surgeon can result in complications, such as breast pockets with incorrect dimensions, unnecessary pain and a prolonged recovery.

To see if you’re a good candidate and for more information, see Dr. Jugenburg’s Breast Implant Guide

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