Tor’i Bionic Brooks: Former Harlem Globetrotter and TV Star Teams Up With BroadbandTV and NBA Playmakers

Tor’i “Bionic” Brooks, former Harlem Globetrotter and national track and field star athlete — with multiple national championships and USATF meets — now has an appointment with the partnership between BroadbandTV (BBTV), an iconic and the largest multi-platform network in the world, and NBA Playmakers. His role in this formidable collaboration is a featured creator and digital influencer. The NBA Playmakers and BroadbandTV carefully handpicked the first group of creators with a notable track record and prospects through a detailed and thorough application process.

This network is one of the most promising and rewarding schemes for the league’s fans, giving them the chance and platform to produce fun, educative, and entertainment content. In a press statement, Jeff Marsilio, the Vice President of the NBA, said, “Creating and sharing videos with others are part of being a digitally engaged fan. Our new venture with industry leader BBTV will further embrace this growing community of creators.”

Many persons attempt to profile the first wave of content creators that are absorbed by the media partnership. Among such creators is Tor’i “Bionic” Brooks. Tor’i is Tia Brooks’ brother. The 28-year-old athlete, standing at 6’1”, keeps making waves in a marked distinction, setting goals to run faster, jump higher, and to remain a star. His appointment as a creator for the NBA Playmakers and BBTV is perceived as the right choice, following his multifaceted sports background, especially basketball. Prior to the appointments, VP Marsilio had said, “You have to demonstrate a desire to be a creator in the social media space.” “Bionic” has a face that is familiar to the media, both the broadband and social media — being a model, an actor, and presenter with ViacomCBS, featuring on Bleacher Report, ESPN Sports Center, and Snapchat — making him an ideal choice.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, Brooks adopts a “safe mode” to share online skills and training that include powerhouse stunts, dunks, and slams while keeping the content fun and entertaining. Having a good background as a professional fitness trainer, Tor’i has mastered the act of delivering fitness content with fun. His impact of influence is seen in his engagement with several thousands of people, with the BBTV and the NBA Playmakers partnership. He continues to use this new platform to reach out to a broad audience base, leveraging the 15.1 billion monthly views of BBTV.

Before COVID-19, Brooks was given to awareness of health and mental health, sharing about the struggles of black mental health from the age of slavery, oppression, and institutionalized racism. He looks to continue being a positive influencer in sports entertainment and education.

Source: Tor’i Bionic Brooks