Toolwire is Platinum Sponsor for Training Industry Conference & Expo 2021 – Offers Course Transformation and Thought Leadership

Platinum sponsor Toolwire kicks off TICE 2021 with a course transformation contest and a thought leadership session entitled, “AI in Learning: Is It Time?”

Toolwire, a purveyor of AI-powered learning experiences, is kicking off the 2021 edition of Training Industry’s Conference & Expo ( with a course transformation contest as part of a Speed Networking event on Tuesday, April 27, 2021. Lucky winners will receive a complimentary course transformation to Toolwire’s upskilling and reskilling platform, called ‘Spaces Learning’. 

Spaces Learning is a modern, fully integrated collaborative teaching & learning platform designed to facilitate the creation of tacit knowledge, leading to better outcomes and a more empowered workforce. Skills and competitiveness go hand-in-hand. Spaces Learning turbo-charges skilling with personalized learning, unified content, collaboration, experiential learning, video assessments, and AI-curated content.

“As businesses prepare for a post-pandemic world, it is clear that Work From Anywhere and Digital Business Transformation are foundational tenets to our new normal,” said John Valencia, Toolwire’s President & CEO. “The need for contemporary skills is greater than ever and the need for effective training is more strategic than it has even been. Consistent, impactful outcomes tied to business goals and objectives continue to remain elusive for many learning initiatives. We are committed to transforming and fixing that problem for our customers.”

On Thursday, April 29, 2021, Toolwire’s Chief Product Officer, David James Clarke IV, will lead a thought leadership session entitled, “AI in Learning: Is It Time?” During the session, attendees will learn and explore how to apply the five-step process for automating course development via AI, how video assessment and facial recognition are revolutionizing sales training, and the role of AI in the engagement and reward cycle for cybersecurity behavior change. 

“At a high level, learning experiences are a choreographed ballet of four different interactions: curation, assessment, coaching, and engagement,” said David James Clarke IV. “Through research, case studies, and a few light-hearted opinions, I will endeavor to answer the age-old question: What is the role of machines in the development of human skills?”

Toolwire has prepared a short video overview for Spaces Learning to help you embrace work from anywhere and digital business transformation solutions:

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Spaces Learning is an AI-powered learning experience platform that unifies content + collaboration + experiential learning. Spaces Learning empowers personalized skilling at scale with virtual labs, gamification, and video coaching.

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