Titanium Wireless Institutes a $70,000 Minimum Wage

Titanium Wireless is implementing an initiative to its employee compensation program that very few in the world have ever done. As of Jan. 4, 2021, the minimum wage for every employee—including entry level—is $70,000 annually. The centerpiece of the Titanium Wireless brand is embracing innovation and disrupting the industry through transforming the corporate mobility experience. In 2020, Titanium saw record growth in revenues and new clients but struggled with employee retention. In turn, Titanium decided to disrupt within and develop a compensation plan to match their disruption mantra. Titanium Wireless puts its money where its mouth is with this latest endeavor, further enhancing the benefits, which include unlimited paid time off and 100% medical, dental and vision coverage for employees.     

Because Titanium constantly pivots to meet the needs of current and potential clients, Titanium wants a team who does the same. Titanium Wireless employees are mavericks. Mavericks believe in changing the game, adapting on a dime, and maintaining a synergy within the company focused on growth and outside the box thinking. In 2019, Titanium Wireless ranked #257 on the U.S. Inc 500 list, and from 2019 to 2020, the company grew over 450%. The CEO and Founder, Jessica Rhodes, recognizes the dedication brought forth by her team, all working remotely due to COVID-19, and believes in rewarding them for being change agents and problem solvers who will lead Titanium to great new heights in the future.

Jessica Rhodes, Titanium Wireless CEO:

“We are technology disruptors, we ask a lot of our employees, and it’s not easy to be a part of our team. We had incredibly high turnover in 2020, and we looked hard at what separated those who are still here and those who are not. The difference was qualitative and a unique skill combination of drive, persistence, and grit. We are grateful for our employees every day and the commitment to excellence and our brand. We want our employees to feel secure financially and not struggle to maintain a balanced life; this is one step to get there.”  

About Titanium Wireless

Titanium Wireless is an FCC regulated wireless telecommunications carrier located in Gulf Breeze, FL. The company delivers cutting edge mobile and data connectivity and best in class support for business clients throughout the nation. Titanium Wireless specializes in creating customized solutions for business communications, including mobility, IoT, fiber, MDM, and fleet tracking. Titanium Wireless uses the backbone of the strongest carriers in the country to bring solutions to your business needs, coupled with concierge level, 24/7 customer service.


Kristina Spencer, EVP, Operations, Titanium Wireless 



Jessica Rhodes, CEO, Titanium Wireless



Source: Titanium Wireless