TitanHQ Rolls Out Chromebooks Filtering and Azure Integrations in Power Packed New WebTitan Cloud Release

The WebTitan Cloud web filtering service for MSPs, business and education now includes DNS Proxy 2.06 which supports the filtering of users in Azure Active Directory. This latest release of WebTitan Cloud also delivers user and device level web filtering for Chromebooks.

Global email and web security company, TitanHQ, are delighted to announce WebTitan Cloud 4.16 is now available. The  WebTitan Cloud web filtering service for MSPs, business and education now includes DNS Proxy 2.06 which supports the filtering of users in Azure Active Directory. This latest release of WebTitan Cloud also delivers user and device level web filtering for Chromebooks.

The introduction of WebTitan OTG (on-the-go) for Chromebooks is a roaming agent used with TitanHQ’s WebTitan Cloud platform. WebTitan OTG for Chromebooks has been designed for the education sector to deliver web filtering for Chromebooks, both onsite in the classroom and offsite when taken home.

WebTitan OTG for Chromebooks Key Features

Using WebTitan OTG for Chromebooks, the WebTitan’s platform provides a fast and cost-effective way to apply filtering policies to your Chromebooks from the cloud, and protect your users with CIPA compliance support, Security and Safe Search enforcement.

  • Cost effective.
  • Easy to remote install and manage.
  • Full reporting across Chromebook users and locations.
  • User level policies.
  • No additional on-premises hardware required.
  • No slow & expensive VPNs or Proxies required for filtering.
  • Chromebooks can be locked down to avoid circumvention.
  • Fast, customisable & accurate DNS filtering.

Delivering user and device-level web filtering specifically for Chromebooks, WebTitan OTG for Chromebooks will be particularly useful for IT professionals working in the education sector. This rise in Chromebook usage corresponds with an increase in student online activity.

Designed for the education sector, it is a fast, affordable security filtering solution for Chromebooks that supports CIPA compliance. With Chromebooks web filtering in place, schools can comply with federal and state laws, and empower students to explore the internet safely. Learn more about WebTitan OTG for Chromebooks

WebTitan Cloud 4.16 also includes DNS Proxy 2.06 which supports the filtering of users in Azure Active Directory. WebTitan now supports Directory integration for Active Directory, on-premise AD, and Azure AD. We will continue to add directory services that our customers use so that they can enjoy the benefits of per-user filtering and ease of management.

For more information on the WebTitan AzureAD Enterprise App: WebTitan AzureAD Enterprise App Guide

According to Ronan Kavanagh, CEO, TitanHQ, “This new release comes after an expansive first quarter. The launch of WebTitan Cloud 4.16 brings phenomenal new security features to our customers. After experiencing significant growth in 2020, TitanHQ expects these product enhancements and new features to make 2021 another record-breaking year”.

For WebTitan Cloud customers, your updates are managed automatically providing you with the very latest updates and fixes.

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