This Analytics and Business Strategy Agency Will Have an Impact on Your Business in 2 Minutes (Or Less!) – Before You Even Hire Them

Insight Lime Analytics is a fresh digital agency all about business impact. Insight Lime offers agile consultants, products, and packages that accelerate and simplify decision making around data. The boutique agency was founded in the middle of the pandemic by MaryBeth Maskovas Рan analytics consultant who saw that she could drive more value by focusing on business decisions and strategy Рnot just creating reporting and dashboards. The agency wants to redefine the client-agency relationship and create a tighter bond between decision makers in business and analytics teams. Insight Lime thinks data in business is underused, misunderstood, and way easier to action than you think. 

In addition to traditional consulting services in data strategy, analytics insights, and market intelligence, Insight Lime Analytics has created 2-minute weekly video segments that give actionable tips on hard-to-tackle topics like A/B testing, revenue forecasting and Google Analytics in a way that is understandable to almost any business person. The videos are posted free to the public weekly on LinkedIn. The videos prove the power of having an analytics strategy professional on your team – if Insight Lime can give you advice that will improve your revenue in two-minute videos, imagine what the agency can do when you engage them for projects.

Almost all sizes of digital businesses currently don’t action their data enough. A boutique agency like Insight Lime Analytics is a perfect partner to make more data-driven projects happen. Their team has experience working with major international companies and scrappy startups, and their unique value-add is that they can navigate your organization and facilitate faster, better decisions with less friction than an in-house advocate could. Some of their most common projects are whole-organization data strategy, building optimization programs, and market intelligence/survey design projects for product and sales development. So far the results of the agency are promising with clients who have seen as much as a 532% increase in online sales, 72% average order increases, and some are even tripling their YoY monthly sales! All of this because the agency focuses on what your data is already telling you.

On top of all that, Insight Lime Analytics is international and women-owned and operated. Founded in 2019, the analytics and business strategy agency specializes in Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics insights consulting; pricing and market intelligence survey design; data strategy for organization; A/B testing program design, optimization support; data-driven marketing personas; marketing strategy and go-to-market plans. They prioritize work with environmentally and socially forward companies that care about creating positive change in the world. The agency is also a member of the Green Business Bureau Рtaking their impact pledge beyond the digital setting.

Source: Insight Lime Analytics