The Stewpot is Grateful for the Community Effort in 2020

Stewpot Community Services, a local, faith-based non-profit that provides thousands of men, women and children with hot meals, groceries, clothing, shelter, mentoring and other programs, announced today that, thanks to the generosity of the community, they met their fundraising goals for 2020. In a precarious year during which their services were needed even more, staffers and contributors really stepped up to meet the needs of people in the Jackson Metro area.

“Last year was a hard year for many, and the silver lining came through amazing people with amazing hearts,” said Sheldon G. Alston, longtime member of the Board of Directors of Stewpot Community Services. “With increased demand and new protocols to implement, Stewpot staffers went above and beyond, as did the community whose donations allowed us to continue to focus on food, shelter and after-school programs. Without this generosity, many families would have suffered, and we are beyond grateful for their support.”

Stewpot Community Services, like most non-profits, had a big increase in expenses due to COVID, from needing more supplies and food to increased labor needs due to the restriction of volunteers. “It really was a perfect storm, and our community stepped up to support one another,” said Rev. Jill Buckley, Executive Director, “We received donations from all over the country, but our local community made sure we had enough to take care of those who couldn’t take care of themselves. Unfortunately, as we enter 2021, the need is still there because the pandemic is very much still with us.”

Contact information and donations can be given through their website

Source: Stewpot Community Services