The Nistula Group Launches Its Integrated Business Services from 2021

Kolkata, India, November 17, 2021 –(– As per the Founder & CEO, Mrs. Debarati Sanyal, The Group launched its Integrated Business Services strategy post-COVID-19 to counter the immediate fall out of issues being faced by support and solution centres globally. As Debarati puts it as “collaboration for competition,” the founder of the award-winning $600K conglomerate stressed that global collaborations would be the true path of business delivery that will not only help companies with global aspirations, survive and forge ahead with their robust growth plans but also consolidate their operational positions with the help of the Group’s operational and delivery model.

While outlining the group’s plan for 2021-22, she explained, “We are looking at an increasing customer base, this financial year, as we are expanding our presence to the Middle East, Europe and US, adding to our presence in the Indian sub-continent and South East Asia.”

The Group has been servicing clients across the globe since the last decade in the domains of Customer Success, Global Business Services and Business Process Optimisation.