The Kid95; Finally a Mask Made for Kids but Made Like Their Doctor’s

Ahead of the holidays, United States Mask is launching a new kind of mask made just for kids. It’s a mask based on the successful model 1836 N95 Respirator for adults but scaled down for not just smaller faces; it’s made specifically for kids. It’s called the Kid95.

While the Kid95 isn’t an N95, it’s made of the exact same materials, and held to the same filtration standards as the adult N95 United States Mask designed and certified in 2020. 

Co-founder and CEO David Baillargeon of United States Mask said it’s the overwhelming number one request they heard from their customers.

“We started this company to take care of each other when our first responders and front-line healthcare workers couldn’t get an N95. Now we’re able to take care of our kids who most need a mask that does something to protect them,” Baillargeon said.

While most kids’ masks are designed to reduce the spread of diseases by preventing droplets from escaping, the Kid95 is different because it is specifically designed to fit against the child’s face. They hold the Kid95 to the same NIOSH N95 filtration standard to prevent 95% of particles .3 microns and larger.

The project has been in design for months, and some have asked with the approval of COVID-19 vaccines for children if the Kid95 is still needed. United States Mask says that for the tens of thousands of families with kids fighting childhood cancer and countless conditions that weaken the immune system, yes, the Kid95 is absolutely needed.

John Bielamowicz, Co-Founder and President, recounts the two hospital stays during the pandemic for his youngest son, Matthew. He required two operations in his first nine days of life to repair his diaphragm. Now six years old, John recognized during a pair of trips to the hospital during Covid that, while Matthew’s doctors and nurses had N95s available, Matthew was given a mask that did little or nothing to protect him.

“His doctors and I had the best. We had an N95. We couldn’t find a mask designed to actually protect kids. Now we’ve fixed that,” said Bielamowicz.

They say it’s more about giving people choices. They point out that, throughout the pandemic, Americans and front-line workers have endured rationing and unavailability of PPE. Kids have largely had to settle for masks that don’t protect them, or adult small masks repackaged as something for kids.

“We believe Americans shouldn’t have to settle. The Kid95 is our answer to all the families looking to protect their kids and family,” said Baillargeon.

The Kid95 is now available to the public at in packages of 10 with multipack discounts. It’s not yet available in retail stores, but they hope to change that soon.

About United States Mask LLC

United States Mask was founded on the idea that some products are just too important to outsource. In 2020, they were one of a select few companies that certified a new N95 under the public health emergency authorizations. They’re committed to making N95 Respirators and other protective health products here in America or not at all. 


Olivia Harvey


Source: United States Mask