The House of Prince Abdulrahman Sori Announces, The “COVID BE GONE” Initiative spearheaded by Princess Karen Chatman

Her Royal Highness Princess Karen Chatman joins the fight against COVID 19

“Princess Karen Chatman spearheads the COVID BE GONE Initiative”

The House of Princess Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori, announces a Global “COVID BE GONE” INITIATIVE SPEARHEADED BY PRINCESS KAREN CHATMAN

The House of Prince Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori, announces a Global initiative spearheaded by Her Royal Highness Princess Karen Chatman. Princess Karen is partnering with other Royals from around the world in the fight against COVID 19. The Royals aim to increase knowledge of COVID 19 while emphasizing the importance of being vaccinated. The initiative “COVID BE GONE” is a Global Initiative with its first symposium schedule for December 2021in New York, New York, United States.
Her Royal Highness Princess Karen Chatman, kindly known as Princess Karen Chatman, is a favored Princess in the Americas and abroad, known for her humanitarian efforts, is an American-born citizen commonly referred to as the Princess of the People. Her Highness lives a very private life, yet she is highly active with various charities within her community and globally. Princess Karen Chatman is the founder of Think Pink for a Cure and the Princess Karen Foundation of Global Development, two charities dedicated to finding a cure for incurable diseases.

Her Highness Princess Karen has a rich and unique legacy and is one of the few known Royals of mixed race of African- Americans and Arab such as the Duchess of Sussex Megan Markel who is also of an African American mixed race. The two Royals, Princess Karen and Duchess Megan Markel both are dedicated to charitable contributions to society.
As other Royals from the America, Africa, Asia, and Europe joined the “COVID BE GONE” initiative, their collective objectives are to use their available resources as Royals, to influence suppliers, manufacturers, and producers of the COVID 19 vaccine, into lowering the overall cost of the vaccine.

Lowering the cost of the vaccine will make it more affordable for purchase. The “COVID BE GONE Taskforce” a subsidiary of the “COVID BE GONE” initiative, and its members are in talks with various COVID 19 manufacturers seeking donations to countries that cannot afford to purchase the COVID 19 vaccine. These areas according to Her Highness Princess Karen are the countries most affected by COVID 19 and have the largest number of deaths. If we all work together to fight COVID 19, we are that much closer to ending COVID 19, says Her Royal Highness, Princess Karen Chatman.

Princess Karen further states, that it is important to take the vaccine not for yourself but for your loved ones. As a mother to my children Prince Elvis, Princess Krysta, Prince BrentonKonner, and a wife to my husband the Duke of Aqaba, Rayshon Chatman” Not taking the vaccine was not an option for me. I did it for them, so that I have a fighting chance at surviving a COVID 19 exposure.

Her Royal Highness Princess Karen Chatman is a published author, a working Princess, a philanthropist, and a living legend.

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Reporter, Selia Wang, Tokyo Japan
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