The Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio Announces Online Acting Programs

The Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio has now expanded their class offerings to be taken virtually. Since new social distancing standards have been established the studio has moved their curriculum online.

“The opportunity to offer Zoom classes allows students throughout the world to experience our training while maintaining COVID19 safety protocols,” says Elizabeth Mestnik, studio director. “We are seeing people who have always wanted to take our classes, but were unable because of distance, take this opportunity  to join our studio and pursue professional actor training.”

There are two instructional opportunities available for students, with Scene Study being added in January. Each class has been carefully developed to take advantage of the online platform while educating students on acting techniques and skills.

  • Acting for Beginners – This class focuses on students just beginning their performance journey. During the course students will break down a script, access creative imagination, create a truthful character, and develop their body and voice.
  • Meisner Training – The program is geared to actors with enough prior training or experience that they know they want to pursue acting on a professional level. The seven-month course is broken down into four primary units which are 1) The Foundation, 2) The Emotional Life, 3) Crafting the Circumstances, and 4) Harnessing Technique. This class uses the step-by-step Meisner Technique to develop a truthful actor’s instrument that is fully emotionally available and a process that is reliably consistent.​​
  • Scene Study – This class is a fantastic weekly workout for actors with prior training and/or significant professional experience. The class is designed to help actors dig deeply into imagination, character, emotional life, and actor connection, strengthening the essential skills actors must use in interpreting a role and preparing a scene. There is an audition process for admission into this class.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to train students in this new format,” says Mestnik. “Students from as far away as Tokyo and Warsaw have already taken part in our online classes. It has really opened doors for people wanting to start their training or continue moving towards a career in acting, despite the need for social distancing.”