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data recovery software

data recovery software

The Best and Cheapest Data Recovery Software!

It’s desperate when users suffer data loss. It’s a stressful experience whether the data loss happens due to hardware failure, human errors, or other unknown issues. They may lose the important business data or personal files on hard drives, SSD, USB sticks, or external hard drives.

If they don’t have backups for the data or the backups are just failed, then how to get back the important files? To retrieve deleted or lost files, a reliable data recovery software is the best choice for them.

What can TogetherShare Data Recovery do?

The software is able to recover data in different data loss scenarios. No matter how they lose the files, the software is able to help them get back the lost files if they are not overwritten or damaged. There are some common reasons for data loss:

Deleted files by accident: It will often happen when they try to clean up their computer space. Also, someone may delete his or her files intentionally or unintentionally.

Formatted the wrong drive mistakenly: If there are multiple partitions, it’s easy to format a drive wrongly. If they connect a Mac drive to Windows, or in reverse, they may also format the drive accidentally as the system cannot access it directly.

Delete/lost partition on disk: After deleting a partition, they will find all the space is unallocated and no data available. Software or system crash will also lead to partition loss issue.

RAW/corrupted partition: File system or partition table will be damaged in some case, then the partition will become RAW or corrupted. They cannot access the partition and data directly.

Actually, there are also some other issues will lead to data loss on their drives, including programs uninstalling, virus infection, disk dropped, sudden power outage, OS reinstallation, etc.

In any of the cases, they can download the software TogetherShare Data Recovery to scan and check if it can help them find the lost files. Also, with the Free version, the software is able to recover up to 1GB data for free.

Other important features available in the software
The application supports data recovery for different file types. They can use the software to recover pictures, videos, audio files, documents, archives, email data, or other types of files, like:

Pictures: jpt/jpeg, png, tiff, cr2, raw, nef, gif, etc.
Videos: mp4, mov, avi, wmv, mxf, rm/rmvb, etc.
Audio: mp3, wav, aac, flv, m4v, aac, ogg, etc.
Documents: doc/docx, ppt/pptx, xls/xlsx, pdf, html/htm, etc.
Archives: zip, rar, tar, iso, chm, gz, lzh, tar, etc.
Email: pst, dbx, mbox, emlx, etc.

Users use different type of storage media to save data. So data loss will happen on different types of devices. Don’t worry, the software TogetherShare Data Recovery can help them. It supports data recovery on internal/external hard drive, SSD, memory card/stick, USB flash drive, RAID,

The software provides both Windows and Mac versions for users. So it can work with different file systems that are used on Windows and Mac. For instance, it can recover data from the drive in NTFS, FAT16/32, ReFS, ExFAT, Ext2/3, HFS/HFS+, HFS X, APFS. They can recover lost data in Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/Server or in Mac OS X 10.7 – macOS 11.

What’s more, the software is very affordable when comparing to other similar data recovery software. They can use this software to recover the lost data successfully with the cheapest price. Now they get even better price here. TS company provides the promotion with the biggest discount. Users can purchase the Mac and Windows version at 50% off.

3 Steps to use TogetherShare Data Recovery Software

As a professional data recovery software, TogetherShare Data Recovery is also very simple. The software interface is easy and intuitive enough even for novice. There are no complex settings in the software. They just follow the wizard directly to recover data in only a few steps.

Step 1. Choose the device to scan.

Step 2. Scan the drive for lost files. The software can scan the drive deeply to find lost data.

Step 3. Recover the files. Once the scan is done, users are able to choose files to recover.

The software is fast to scan and recover lost data. Also, the software analyze and search for lost data with different data recovery algorithms. It can recover lost files as more as possible. It can ensure to provide the highest data recovery success rate.


If users want a reliable and affordable data recovery software, TogetherShare Data Recovery is the best choice for them. It is effective enough and can recover lost files from different devices in any cases. TogetherShare offers 50% off Now.