The Breathing Festival Empowers Participants to Change Their Breath to Change Their World; The International Center for Breathwork (ICFB) Plans Second Annual Festival

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“The mission of the festival is to encourage all people to become more aware of their own breathing and then to learn how to breathe in different ways to achieve very specific and often remarkable results.”

Coming from a successful inaugural event, the International Center for Breathwork will hold its second annual presentation of The Breathing Festival online from Feb. 11-28, 2021.

Planned for three long weekends in February—Feb. 11-14; Feb. 18-21 and Feb. 25-28—the festival will showcase empowering sessions with over 50 of the world’s leading breathwork practitioners. The event boasts 12 days filled with lectures, experiential breathing sessions; breathing tools, tips, tricks and hacks for daily life; conscious music and cutting-edge breathing technology. Confirmed speakers are on the website and the full schedule will be announced in January.

Visit our festival page to see all of our presenters whose teaching methods include Rebirthing, Holotropic, Transformational, Neurodynamic, Breath Holding, Buteyko, Ecstatic, Shamanic, Biodynamic, Vivation and Breath of Love, to name a few.

“The mission of the festival is to encourage all people to become more aware of their own breathing and then to learn how to breathe in different ways to achieve very specific and often remarkable results,” said Dan Brulé, co-founder of The Breathing Festival. “Our theme is: ‘Change Your Breath. Change Your World.’ We want to show people how they can use conscious breathing to improve nearly any part of their life.”

According to ICFB, conscious breathing, or breathwork, can help boost a person’s low energy or mood and increase concentration and productivity. It can also provide fast-acting and lasting relief for stress, trauma, pain, anxiety and depression. Breathwork is used by top athletes and elite military to improve performance and unlock higher potential.

“The Breathing Festival and the International Center for Breathwork marry my deepest yearning to connect people with my desire to spread healing and love and my passion for creating experiences through events,” said Nicole Price, co-founder and CEO of The Breathing Festival. “I am so excited about the possibilities. I love that our 2021 virtual event will touch hundreds of thousands of people, maybe millions, and my vision is clear of the day we will come together in Cabo to breathe in person as humans raising the vibration of our planet.”

In addition to the activities, the festival will host The Second Annual Tribute to Leonard Orr, prolific writer, spiritual teacher, philosopher, and the father of the modern breathwork movement and the creator of the Rebirthing conscious breathing technique. Because of Orr and his contributions to society, millions of people around the world have embraced breathwork as a lifestyle path.

Tickets start at only $11 for a full 12 days of access to all of the sessions streaming during the festival. Tickets can be purchased by visiting

A very limited quantity of VIP tickets are available for people who want to interact personally with the presenters in live online Q+A chat sessions each festival day.
For more information, visit

About the International Center for Breathwork:
The International Center for Breathwork was started by Dan Brulé, VJ Odedra, Nicole Price and Marc Taylor as a place to welcome and support all styles, types, modalities, practices, flavors and kinds of breathwork and to spread the practice of these simple yet often unknown concepts throughout the world. Born in 2020 during the global pandemic, it arose from a desire to show people simple ways to shift our lives into better places by changing the way we breathe.

Our world is under tremendous stress and many things are changing. Breathing techniques are the most effective, accessible and natural tools for navigating and integrating those changes. Some techniques lead to more mindfulness, which leads to more awareness, which gives you more influence in your world. Other techniques increase or decrease energy, release blocked emotions, develop the self, increase emotional intelligence, and reclaim the energy lost from chronic pain. The ICFB is the largest gathering place for these many diverse styles of breathing and makes them all available through The Breathing Festival and its membership program.

The Breathing Festival was created as a way to share breathwork in a fun, exciting, mainstream event that is accessible to as many people as possible. The virtual festival in 2021 gives us the opportunity to reach people in every single corner of the globe. That’s our vision and we’ve got a lot of amazing people working with us to achieve it. We dream about healing the world by healing ourselves and we use our breath to do that. ###

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