Terri Thrush of Terri Thrush Productions Discusses Challenges for Film & Television Production in the Time of the Pandemic!

Terri Thrush poses the question of how film companies will go back to making movies under current conditions that the pandemic has presented in terms of physical film production.

Terri Thrush, a seasoned producer and director is the owner of Terri Thrush Productions, an Independent film and TV creative company with locations in the United States and Panama.

“Great challenges await film production with the current pandemic panorama,” explains Terri Thrush, a Panamanian film producer who has dedicated 25 years of her life to the seventh art. “We must be creative and resilient to find the positive and the new twist that cinema will have to continue developing in 2021,” says Terri Thrush.

Terri added that the pandemic has imposed a different way of making films. “Perhaps we are facing a new way of producing in which the scripts will be adapted to a different scheme. On sets, for example, the rules and respect for health protocols will be very rigid,” she says.

So how will the film and television industry adapt? The challenges that face the industry are serious as film studios and locations with closely working crews and staff on the sets can be a virtual petri dish of potential virus contamination. From make-up and hair to costume department, while masks will certainly help, social distancing will be an issue. As the industry begins to see and ease lock down measures, production is working to put in place coronavirus testing, cast social distancing on set and special camera angles to make characters appear closer together. The new normal will see fewer people in any area of filming per day with no intimate scenes.

Terri Thrush is a Panamanian film producer who has dedicated 25 years of her life to the seventh art. For her, the current pandemic scenario imposes great challenges on us in film productions. She is a graduate of Universidad del Sagrado Corazón with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications and Media Studies and a Masters in Fine Arts degree from the American Film Institute, Producing Program. Terri holds dual citizenship in both the United States and Panama.

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