Tempus Digital Experience, elevates enterprise content creation leveraging 4k multi-camera Unreal Engine virtual production

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We break out of the zoom box, informing and entertaining at the same time in a way that cuts through the screen fatigue so many are experiencing.

Atlanta North Studios, a division of TempusDMG, announced the debut of Tempus Digital Experience, a suite of 4K virtual set technology solutions and REMI remote integration. Tempus Digital Experience at Atlanta North Studios offers businesses a polished, professional, and interactive way to virtually connect with audiences in the pandemic era and beyond. With 4K live streaming, capture workflow, Unreal Engine, Motion Tracking, and integrations with Teams, Zoom, Skype, Vimeo, among other applications, the Tempus Digital Experience facilitates the creation of high tech internal and external communications for corporations and C-Suite Executives.

Tempus has created over 645+ hours of live/on-demand content in the last six months that companies deployed to engage with their audiences meaningfully. Tempus produced marketing and advertising needs like branded commercials, digital marketing content, and product releases; to brand evangelizing moments like virtual events, webinars, and keynotes.

“There are no boundaries anymore, we have the virtual technology that allows our clients to appear like they are anywhere, with anyone, and share engaging content with their audience on platforms where they are comfortable,” says Steve Sanford, CEO. “We break out of the zoom box, informing and entertaining at the same time in a way that cuts through the screen fatigue so many are experiencing.”

Given the acceleration of digital transformation on how large enterprises communicate with their employees, customers, prospects, and other targeted audiences, our solution technology transformed a business crisis in 2020 into a business opportunity, especially in the events industry. Our virtual events capabilities are so exceptional that people have realized they can reach a wider audience, with more targeted content, without travel expenses and hassle. After watching Fortune 500 companies leverage the Tempus Digital Media Experience, audiences commented that it “was like watching TV.” says Chance Mason, CSO.

Content has always been king in the entertainment industry, and the same standard now applies to enterprise content. This is the year enterprises will double or triple down on content creation.

The Tempus Digital Experience is available now. For more information visit https://www.atlnorthstudios.com/ to schedule a tour.

About Tempus Digital Media Group: Tempus DMG provides organizations data-driven research, strategy, and creative campaigns, powered by technology using next-generation real-time video content creation that achieves same day content with zero post production.

About Atlanta North Studios: Atlanta North Studios is one of the few 4K full broadcast Unreal Engine multi-camera studios located in Alpharetta GA. ATL North produces live and on demand events and is home to numerous reality cable shows.

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