T2 Group Experiences Exponential Growth in 2022

It is often said that a strong indicator of a company’s health is its growth patterns. And during a post-pandemic world where unemployment and “The Great Resignation” are a reality for many companies across multiple industries, the T2 Group of companies has experienced growth across the board, with no end in sight.

T2 Tech, a leading technology consulting and advisory practice that falls under the T2 Group umbrella, had 12 new hires in the first quarter of 2022 alone—more than doubling in size since the same time last year. This team serves many of the nation’s largest hospitals and health systems, many of whom are experiencing challenges with the hiring and retention of key staff. T2 Tech provides deep expertise in strategy and design, implementation and project management for complex IT projects. Over the last year, in particular, the team has added some key players with impressive experience across multiple industries. 

“We are incredibly pleased with the caliber of staff that we have been bringing into the company. They each bring a unique skill set, style and experience to our projects and I look forward to the great work they will do for our clients,” stated Kevin Torf, CEO and founder of T2 Group. 

In addition to T2 Tech, the Flex division, which provides highly trained, U.S.-based agents to augment patient scheduling, has made 13 new hires this year. These team members partner with various healthcare companies to manage high call volumes, schedule more revenue-generating appointments, and improve the patient experience overall. This division has immense plans for growth and provides a strong culture and growth opportunities for dedicated team members in remote locations across the U.S.  

“Early on, we decided that we wanted to ensure that we brought the BEST agents to our partners and so we built comp plans, a great culture, intense training and support and a solid recruitment process that spans the country. This has clearly been the right strategy and I am proud of the team we are continuing to build,” said Gill Torf, Chief People and Culture Officer for T2 Group. 

T2 Group plans to continue sourcing and hiring key talent for all three of its divisions, as well as providing recruitment services for high-level candidates for key clients. 

About T2 Group

T2 Group provides professional services for leading healthcare clients ranging from large-scale IT project design, implementation and management—to patient scheduling and e-commerce lab solutions. For over 3O years, T2 Group has partnered with its clients to deliver transformational solutions to complex challenges that align resource, technology and business strategies. To learn more about T2, visit www.t2group.us.

Source: T2 Group