Stronger Cyber Security Posture, Together: Sterling Information Technologies and Greatway Financial Partners to Implement a Stronger, Proactive Cybersecurity Policy

Toronto, Canada, April 07, 2022 –(– Sterling Information Technologies (Sterling), Inc. today announced a new partnership with Greatway Financial Inc., an innovative insurance brokerage headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. This partnership will enable Greatway Financial’s growing number of insurance agents to have a proactive and holistic cybersecurity posture in their day-to-day business activities.

Under the agreement, Sterling will be responsible for promoting and delivering Sterling 360 Cybersuite across Greatway’s robust 4000+ agent network in Canada. Sterling 360 Cybersuite will transform all Greatway’s weakest link into their strongest line of defence. Sterling will protect their I.T. assets using Cynet 360 by installing across thousands of endpoints, and providing all the fundamental capabilities of NGAV, EDR, UBA, Network Analytics, and Deception solutions, plus backing through Sterling’s frontline CyberOps, a team made up of Security Operation Centre (SOC) experts available 24/7. While Cyolo, a Zero Trust Network Access solution, will bring added value and new cloud-based resource. Cyolo integrates with Greatway’s identity provider and enforces Zero Trust connectivity for both modern and legacy applications. The platform scales without changing Greatway’s existing infrastructure, providing a seamless security solution at all levels. Sterling Information Technologies is the exclusive reseller for both Cynet and Cyolo in North America.

“We are very excited to work with Greatway Financial in creating awareness of how important cybersecurity is, more so in today’s time. Our team is committed to working behind the scenes to protect their business, while they continue to help families and strengthen their business and future,” says Neil Cesario, Chief Information Security Officer, Sterling Information Technologies.

“At Greatway, it is our mandate to ensure that all our partners are protected. We are in the business of providing exceptional service, financial freedom, and peace of mind to all our clients and insurance advisors. This partnership solidifies our principles and we are very excited to safeguard our partners and client’s confidential information from potential breaches and protect their business,” says Redgie Daquis, Director, Information Technology at Greatway Financial.

“We realize that having an anti-virus is not enough. We wanted to take a proactive and holistic approach to secure our IT systems – and implementing Sterling’s 360 Cybersuite, which includes Cynet’s 360 Autonomous Breach Protection XDR platform, will help us secure our machines 24/7/365. Our team at Greatway is confident that with Sterling as our partner, we can focus on preventing breaches rather than waiting for an attack to happen.”

The benefits of this new partnership include:

1. Holistic cybersecurity policy to Greatway Financial Corporate Team and its insurance advisors through the implementation of Cynet 360.

2. 24/7/365 support through Sterling’s Security Operations Centre.

3. Continuous cybersecurity awareness training and advocacy.

About Sterling Information Technologies: Founded in 1993, Sterling started as a hardware and software service sales company, and within 7 years, it became recognized as a leader in Agile software development, consulting, DB Administration and IT Resourcing. Today, Sterling Information Technologies became known as a holistic cybersecurity partner for businesses around the globe and has been busy expanding its cybersecurity offerings through a partnership with EC Council and being the exclusive reseller of Cynet and Cyolo. Most recently, it deployed Cyrisq, an AI-powered Vulnerability Risk Assessment platform.

About Greatway Financial:
Greatway Financial was established to help families build a better future through financial independence. Greatway is committed to investing in happiness, by offering proven growth strategies, education, life security, and wealth insurance as a steppingstone for families to achieve freedom.