STORED Facilitates Increasing Storage Need in 2020

STORED, a London-based storage company, has reported a 75% increase in the need for door-to-door storage services amid COVID-19 this year.

The company reported that customers feel safer when opting for a storage service that collects and delivers their belongings from their storage unit rather than having to go to the storage unit themselves, due to the risk of infection.

Additionally, the circumstances this year have caused an increased need for storage services and moving services-with some taking the opportunity to upgrade their homes and others hastily returning to their native countries to be with their families

In London, a surge could be seen in professionals and students traveling back to their home countries and, hence, requiring storage of their belongings in a safe and secure environment.

Also, with more and more people working from home, there has been an increased need for comfortable working areas. Therefore, people have placed a lot of their possessions in storage units in order to make room for a home office – desiring a clean and clutter-free environment.

Businesses moving from an office environment to a work-at-home structure benefited from the comfort of using STORED’s moving service to empty out their offices, store items that need to be put in a secure place, and deliver files, computers, and other items to workers in different parts of the city and outskirts.

STORED’s service design has played an important role in adding convenience to the storage industry, specifically during COVID-19, by taking belongings from an address to the storage unit and delivering them upon request without the customer having to go anywhere. The company is looking forward to benefiting customers for other reasons next year.

Daniella De Biasi, the head of customer service at STORED, says, “Storage was needed for different reasons this year. We usually experience peaks for other reasons such as vacation time, holidays, people moving into new homes, people coming to the city to study and work. This year was a little the other way around, but since things are now getting better, we look forward to continuing making storage hassle-free for our customers for happier reasons. We are glad we could make this time easier for them though.”

Ending the year on a hopeful note, Stored has also offered storage deals to make storing more accessible for people during the holidays, committed to being customers’ first choice when it comes to storing solutions. The company provides storage in London and surrounding areas, including storage in Brighton and storage in Guildford.

Source: STORED