SpectrumACS, a Las Vegas Company, Provides Support for Vaccinations in States Nationwide

SpectrumACS, the nurse staffing company with decades of experience in a wide range of comprehensive healthcare services, is providing nursing teams to vaccination clinics nationwide, all from its Las Vegas, Nevada-based corporate headquarters

In the top 20% of states successfully vaccinating across the country is the state of Colorado. Currently in phase 1A and 1B, Colorado is currently vaccinating health care workers and first responders, people ages 65 and over, pre-K-12 educators and child care workers in licensed child care programs, and staff essential to the continuity of state government.

SpectrumACS is an agency contracted through the Colorado Vaccine Task Force supporting the state’s execution of its vaccination plan. SpectrumACS is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based healthcare staffing company with a contract to provide teams of travel nurses to vaccination clinics. SpectrumACS has been managing a provider pool of more than 60 nurses and continues to add nurses every week. Brian Kaiserman, Project Manager for the Vaccine Rollout Team, said, “We understand the urgency of the nationwide vaccination rollout and the importance our nurses play in the success of the mission.”

Often providing staff to some of the most rural parts of the state, the healthcare company sends staff at the request of the Colorado Vaccine Task Force and the staffing section managed by the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. “Partnering with the State of Colorado, who has provided us with the tools and support to successfully recruit a large and diverse group of healthcare workers has allowed us to keep up with the demanding pace of their clinics,” said Brian.

The successful relationship between SpectrumACS and the state of Colorado began in 2015 with the healthcare company providing psychiatric nurses to mental health hospitals in Denver and Pueblo in partnership with the Colorado Department of Human Services. Shortly after, SpectrumACS began supplying psychiatrists to those same facilities and added mental health rehab clinics thereafter. “The history of our company has always been medical services focused on the most difficult institutions including mental health, drug rehabilitation, corrections, and state hospitals. Our staff is truly the front line in every state we service,” said Barry Goldstein, President of SpectrumACS. “The pandemic has changed and increased demands from our facilities, which has given us the opportunity to pivot, adding staff and an even wider range of specialty medical services,” Barry added.

In addition to Colorado, SpectrumACS has placed hundreds of local and travel nurses in states nationwide including Nevada, California, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and North Carolina.

About Spectrum ACS

Under American Correctional Solutions, Inc., SpectrumACS was launched in 2013 with a singular focus on nurse staffing and registry services. Led by a team with decades of experience in healthcare staffing and recruiting, SpectrumACS provides nursing services to vaccination clinics, mental health hospitals, correctional facilities, medical centers, and Public Health Departments across the country, with operations overseen by its corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. American Correctional Solutions, Inc. has supplied specialty medical services and staffing to county jails and state and federal prisons for more than three decades.

Source: SpectrumACS