Sneakerhabbit Releases a Bold New Exciting Hoodie Line for Men and Women

Sneakerhabbit was born from the need to create a quality apparel brand whose designs scream a love for sneakers, and whose collections are the completion of every sneakerhead’s wardrobe. Sneakerhabbit was created to meet a need and fill the gap in the world of fashion for sneakerheads.

Founder and CEO of Sneakerhabbit, Leon Fontaine had always dreamt of creating an apparel line for avid lovers of sneakers. Leon has been deeply involved in the fashion industry for years and has worked with renowned iconic brands in the world. This has kept his passion alive and has been a form of training leading up to the realization of his own dream.

The Coronavirus pandemic shook the lives of people all over the world and Leon’s world wasn’t left out. He lost an amazing job with fashion and music icon Kanye West because of the pandemic. Leon discovered that he was ready to follow his long-harbored dream. After dedicating time, money, and several months of research, he exposed a gap in the apparel industry. He discovered that there was a lack of luxury designs geared towards the sneakerhead culture and that this community was not properly represented in the fashion industry. This find was the match that lit up the Sneakerhabbit flame.

Inspired by other great designers, Sneakerhabbit is a brand that turns tee shirts and hoodies into unique eye-catching pieces that make a statement. Sneakerhabbit creates clothing that every sneaker lover can relate to and apparel that can be worn with sneakers of all shapes, colors, and designs. Sneakerhabbit’s mission is to build a following of sneakerheads united in fashion, who are not afraid to show off their love for sneakers while living their best lives.

All Sneakerhabbit pieces are essential wears made to stand the test of time and transcend seasons. Sneakerhabbit remains consistent and uncompromising in its style, design, and quality.

When you think Sneakerhabbit, think confident, bold, edgy, creative; think freedom of expression; and exclusive clothes that let you shine.

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