SMP Nutra Donates 1,000 Vitamin D3 Bottles in New York for COVID Relief

SMP Nutra understands that the current climate of COVID has made life much harder for most regular people.

Many people do not know where their next meal is coming from. Let alone keeping up with proper daily vitamin & mineral intake.

That is why we manufactured 1,000 Vitamin D3 bottles with the sole purpose of donating to our local community.

Each Vitamin D3 bottles contains a 60-day supply of Vitamin D3 (5000 IU) & Olive Oil.

We donated boxes of bottles to Long Island Cares, Central Islip Civic Center, and directly to people in our local community.

“This is really the first time we are actually, during COVID giving out vitamins. It’s so important now you can’t even pay for food, how are you going to pay for vitamins? Thank you, Gentlemen for your donation!” – Joan Crescitelli – Executive Director – Central Islip Civic Council

“This is wonderful, thank you so much!” – Paule Pachter – Chief Executive Officer at Long Island Cares, Inc.

As a supplement manufacturer, we handle manufacturing hundreds of thousands of vitamin bottles per month.

With the emergence of COVID, we have experienced a massive surge in demand for manufacturing vitamins & supplements.

We decided we need to give back to our community, who has been more negatively affected by the effects of COVID.

It felt great giving back, and we look forward to continued vitamin donations in the future!