S’moresUp Providing Pioneering “Family Wellness Benefits” to 1.3M Vantage Circle Corporate Employees


Benefits executives, Chief Culture Officers, and HR Officers already offer physical and mental health benefits to employees and so offering “family health” benefits is the next logical evolution in the benefits category.

S’moresUp (http://www.smoresup.com), a Smart Family Management platform that saves time for working parents by keeping families organized with minimal effort and makes family management a shared responsibility, has partnered with employee benefits provider Vantage Circle to make family management technology available to the 1.3M corporate employees of India, as a major corporate perk.

Families have experienced a great deal of upheaval during the pandemic, and women in particular have borne the brunt of family disruptions, managing a challenging homeschool and back to school year, and doing even more housework than ever before, while also dropping out of the workforce in historic, record-breaking numbers. What’s more the “Great Resignation” brought about by COVID has made retaining employees critically important, and more and more companies are developing curated corporate perks for employees.

S’moresUp, which is now used by more than 160,000 families, has joined Vantage Circle to launch a program for employees worldwide that helps them with family management. The partnership also creates employer groups to create a sense of community with other parents, and allows them to join the already bustling family community within the app.

The partnership helps working parents stay on top of their family needs as they get back into the workforce by making household management easier and helping everyone in the family share the workload more equally. This new “family health” benefit joins things like health and wellness benefits that Vantage Circle provides for its corporate partners, and is seamlessly offered through the internal employee dashboard at a marginal cost.

“There is a huge uptick in demand for family focused products since the pandemic began, because of the challenges it has created for all families,” said Priya Rajendran, co-founder of S’moresUp. “Benefits executives, Chief Culture Officers, and HR Officers already offer physical and mental health benefits to employees and so offering “family health” benefits is the next logical evolution in the benefits category.”

“Our goal is to provide best-in-class corporate wellness solutions that are specifically designed for today’s global workforce,” said Dhritiman Bora, Sr. Manager-Brand Partnerships, Vantage Circle. “S’moresUp offers a unique family wellness solution that caters to the needs of working parents, especially now that parents are working from home and kids’ schedules are unpredictable. S’moresUp provides consistency for families, and we see that as a huge benefit to our corporate partners,” he adds.

Featured as “App of the Day on SuperBowl Sunday” in 2021 and as “Developer’s Spotlight” on the Apple IO Store, and now reaching over 160,000 families nationwide, the family app uses Artificial intelligence to help kids learn critical life skills through assigned tasks and chores, does behavior analysis to provide parents with insights around their kid’s learning, integrates with the family calendar, creates goal setting through rewards, helps kids form long term habits through advanced data analytics and allows the family to interact with each other from within a safe “walled off” family network.

About S’moresUp
S’moresUp is a smart family organizer that helps close the “mom chore gap”. It provides parents tools to help their kids learn critical life skills and healthy habits while managing chores, allowances, and schedules through a secured private family network, where a family’s data is safe. The app, which helps raise independent, responsible, and financially savvy kids, was founded by technology veterans Priya Rajendran, a software engineer and busy mom who led the PayPal Wallet team, and Reeves Xavier, former tech lead at Paypal and Intuit. S’moresUp has partnered with P&G to bring awareness about Chore Gap at home and integrated with Smart Appliances from GE and BSH to make family management easier. They were also featured on NewYork Time, Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Mercury News, Common Sense Media, NBC, and more. To find out more, please visit http://www.smoresup.com.

About Vantage Circle
Vantage Circle is a leading Employee Benefit platform in India offering corporations an innovative way to reward and recognize employees and provide employee benefits, wellness, and feedback solutions thereby forging meaningful connections between employees and their organizations which directly results in higher employee satisfaction.

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