Skeuomo Inc.® Launches Art Networking and Online Art Selling Web App

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Our goal is to provide artists, curators and collectors with an authentic artisan experience, offering tools that allow for collaborative story telling through visual arts. We are not looking to replace but to expedite the artist journey through digital and traditional artisan mediums,”

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Skeuomo Inc. is the art industry’s first, all-in-one, auction plus sales art gallery marketplace and social art network platform designed to scale the unique and dynamic requirements facing the global art community post-pandemic. Skeuomo plans to become the leading provider of collaborative social networking and ecommerce solution exclusive to the fine arts industry, utilizing social community management and ecommerce technology as two key components in its effort to empower artists. is employed to help artists, curators and collectors quickly, securely, and economically connect to the global art ecosystem through preferred social networking tools narrowing the communication gaps that exist within the global art community.

Skeuomo’s web-based app works with most popular browsers to give users easy desktop access to their virtual galleries, multi-media uploaded art files shared on the featured gallery pages. Social engagement features such as instant live chat, live streaming, custom art groups and discussion forums provide artists with easy-to-use communication tools in market today. The creators of the web app are currently welcoming art lovers from around the world to sign up and provide feedback as part of an artist driven campaign to make continuous improvements to the user experience. They are passionate about art and technology and working hard to deliver the best-of-breed selling, buying and socially connected experience for all art enthusiasts worldwide. Their goal is to slowly break the common stereotypes of favoritism and hierarchy associated with art culture that can often discourage talented new artists. Skeuomo will open a new era of art inclusivity and opportunity by offering an easy-to-use web app alternative that is available to even the most novice artists.

About Skeuomo Inc.
Based in Vancouver, British Columbia., Skeuomo Inc. is an art technology startup founded in 2017 and has been in development since 2018. Skeuomo is a marketplace and social art network web app for artists, curators, and buyers. Available online through, the company serves both the global and local art industry market leveraged as a communication tool and networking app with e-commerce capabilities. The company is ambitiously positioned to gain market share in the ecommerce and online auctions, an industry currently worth 33.6 billion and expected to grow.

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