Six-Figure Revenue Before Its 1st Anniversary — This Zesty Analytics & Strategy Agency Shows How It’s Done

Insight Lime Analytics is a fresh consulting agency officially launched in the middle of the pandemic, October 2020, by analytics insights expert MaryBeth Maskovas. The consultancy offers easy-to-understand packages for consumer insights projects like survey design, data strategy, and branding. The agency’s ultimate goal is to provide clarity and direction for its clients and support non-clients with valuable free content. The results speak for themselves, with 80% of large clients (over $5,000 projects or retainers) booking repeat engagements that are the same size or larger than their initial work with Insight Lime. 

The boutique agency takes a new approach to traditional consulting services by creating tiered packages and genuine connections with its clients. Insight Lime’s innovative methods and big-company expertise mean it can move with agility across even large (over 1,000 employees) organizations. Its methods allow the agency to deliver clarity and help to create true change. Insight Lime worked on feature prioritization and pricing survey design and analysis, GA4 migration plans, and company-wide analytics needs assessments — all in its first year. In addition to being passionate about sharing its knowledge with its clients, Insight Lime has been committed to finding solutions for “the little guys,” including offering mini-audits for small businesses and posting easy-to-action two-minute videos on LinkedIn.

Founder MaryBeth Maskovas says the agency owes its success to tailoring and executing business strategies based on what Insight Lime’s clients actually need, not what they think they need — also, thinking big and acting even bigger. “The demand for data is ever-growing, and many companies miss the main point of having data in the first place — using it. At Insight Lime, we implement the same principles internally that we recommend to our clients. Those core principles applied in making business decisions have led us to six-figure revenue growth before our first anniversary.” The analytics and strategy agency has plans to continue to grow its team in 2022 and double its revenue in the next year. 

Insight Lime Analytics has its headquarters in a small mountain town, Durango, in Colorado, and has team members in Vilnius, Lithuania. The agency has clients from all over the world, including the United States, Australia, and the U.K. The company is women-owned and operated and part of the Green Business Bureau. 

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Source: Insight Lime Analytics