Shufti Pro Marks 4 Years of Providing Seamless IDV Services

Canary Wharf, United Kingdom, October 30, 2021 –(– Globally acclaimed digital KYC and AML service provider, Shufti Pro, will be marking its 4th corporate anniversary on 31st October 2021.

Founded in 2017, Shufti Pro has been at the forefront in providing automated identity verification solutions to its clients while leveraging artificial intelligence. Offering its services in 230+ countries and territories while catering to the IDV needs of more than 500 clients, Shufti Pro delivers its solutions to industries such as e-commerce, banking and finance, education, healthcare, and more. The company facilitates its customers in preventing the risk of identity and financial fraud through its KYC, KYB, and AML services in less than a second.

Within the last four years, Shufti Pro has displayed remarkable momentum, driven by major customer growth and new product releases. The company has launched 17 IDV products so far, with the recent ones being NFC Verification, On-premises Identity Verification, and Digital COVID Certificate Verification. Shufti Pro’s innovative identity verification solutions offer clients enhanced speed, accuracy, and efficiency of identity authentication processes. The company has verified million of identities until now with an accuracy rate of 98.67%.

Starting from a single office in the UK, Shufti Pro has marked its presence in Sweden, Dubai, Cyprus, and Ukraine with a team of almost 100 professionals. Shufti Pro was also the first company in the IDV field to introduce a 7-day free trial while keeping its pricing public. With an aim to offer its services globally, the company has also eliminated language barriers by offering its services in 150+ languages. For its exceptional services in the IDV field, Shufti Pro recently bagged Global Business Excellence Awards and Global Banking and Finance Awards 2021.

Expressing his thoughts on the occasion of their anniversary, the CEO of Shufti Pro Victor Fredung stated, “Being persistent and dedicated ever from the start and not letting obstacles get in our way allowed us to develop our company to become one of the major players in the world of identity verification & compliance. Our long-term goal is the same as it’s always been, to build trust between businesses and customers and continue to innovate in the space of identity verification & compliance.”

“I would like to congratulate every team member that worked hard to make Shufti Pro what it is today,” stated Shahid Hanif, the CTO and co-founder of Shufti Pro. “I would also like to thank our customers for showing trust in Shufti Pro. We truly acknowledge our customers and will continue to provide them with state of the art IDV solutions.”

Winner of the Gold and Bronze Award at IBA 2021, Shufti Pro seeks to continue global expansion plans in the near future. The company also aims to prioritize its core drive by building trust between customers and enterprises.

About Shufti Pro
AI-powered digital identity verification solution provider, Shufti Pro, offers KYC, KYB, and AML services in 230+ countries and territories. The company provides solutions built on the principles of trust, authenticity, and transparency. Given the ability to verify 3000+ documents, Shufti Pro authenticates documents in 150+ languages with an accuracy rate of 98.67%. Through its AI-driven efficient verification services, the company aims to create a secure digital marketplace devoid of identity theft and other fraudulent activities.