Shots Box Establishes Footholds in the Competitive Online Alcohol Industry

Data, tracking, and the right go-to-market (GTM) strategy developed on Newswire’s Guided Tour lead to increased momentum for Shots Box in the billion-dollar online alcohol industry.

Online alcohol sales in 2019 reached 2.6 billion dollars, and that number has since grown since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has resulted in a 235% increase in sales of alcohol, growing the industry to dizzying heights. Shots Box, the Los Angeles-based online retailer of craft spirits and home of the Shots Box Whiskey Club has emerged as a burgeoning business in the competitive, billion-dollar online alcohol industry while on Newswire’s Guided Tour program.

Since joining the Media and Marketing Guided Tour, Shots Box has gained earned media mentions from a number of relevant outlets including Retail Dive, Houston Life, Thrive Global, The Manual, in addition to increased website traffic and over one thousand high-quality leads.

“We’re thrilled for Shots Box and the exposure they’ve been able to gain while on the Guided Tour program,” said Charlie Terenzio, CMO and SVP of Media and Marketing Communications at Newswire. “It speaks to the hard work of the strategists and account teams and their ability to provide a fresh perspective that can help gain more visibility for customers.”

Data and analytics, along with years of collective experience that Newswire account teams have at their disposal, inform every decision on the Guided Tour to ensure that clients are getting the maximum return on their investment. Through the regular tracking of relevant key performance indicators, Newswire holds itself accountable to ensure the team is consistently strategizing towards discovering new opportunities as needs and goals change.

Offering a unique access to smaller, craft distilleries hidden throughout the United States, Shots Box had a unique selling proposition that media and marketing experts at Newswire were quick to capitalize on. A laser-focused marketing campaign and targeted outreach orchestrated by Newswire’s industry experts were key factors in Shots Box’s ability to gain attention from a number of prominent media outlets.

About Shots Box:

Shots Box is a fresh way for people to try new spirits and discover new favorites from the comfort of home. Discover what’s popular and what’s trending beyond your local liquor store and connect with small-town distilleries from across the United States. Curated by expert tastemakers, subscribers receive a beautifully packaged box containing an array of 10, miniature size bottles of a spirit of their choosing. Subscribers are encouraged to share their experiences online and provide key feedback which Shots Box uses to maintain the high standard of quality that each Shots Box has packaged inside. Follow Shots Box on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. To learn more, visit

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