Secret Body Las Vegas is Closing Its Doors Permanently, Announces Kate Robertson

Las Vegas, NV, May 06, 2022 –(– Secret Body Las Vegas is just another small business that had to succumb to closing its doors due to the pandemic and the shortage of employees.

Secret Body Las Vegas Medical spa was founded in 2013.

Kate Robertson joined the company in 2015 and gained ownership in 2019.

Pre Pandemic Kate Robertson said, “The store was booming with happy customers and the business was doing great. Post pandemic was awful customers were not coming in.”

Small businesses have taken hit after hit since the start of the pandemic. They’ve dealt with forced closures during lockdown, COVID-related restrictions on capacity, unruly customers and worker shortages. Now, as the omicron variant spreads and COVID cases again rise, businesses are dealing with a crippling shortage of staff.

Of the 31.7 million small businesses in the U.S., about 90 percent have fewer than 20 employees, and roughly 80 percent have fewer than 10 employees, according to the Small Business Administration. That means that when they lose an employee due to absence, the impact is significant.

In late 2021, Kate Robertson tested positive for COVID as well as the one employee she had at the time.

“Obviously, being in a customer-facing, medical spa, it would have been irresponsible for me to go to work. But, since I’m the owner and operator, I couldn’t put the work off on anybody else and had to close Secret Body Las Vegas for 14 days,” said Kate Robertson. For Robertson, the closure was difficult.

“I have overhead and utilities and people who depend on me. Having to close for any amount of time is really scary. I have been fighting to keep Secret Body Las Vegas open since we had to close in 2020 when the pandemic started. Getting COVID and having to close for 14 days was the pretty much the end,” said Kate Robertson.

An increasing number of businesses have had to cut hours or close temporarily either in response to positive cases among employees or as a preventative measure. While most of these changes are temporary, they’re still unusual steps that these businesses rarely resorted to before the pandemic.

A survey from Capital One Business found that many of the owners are exhausted. And for good reason. According to Capital One, the survey found that “small business owners are acutely feeling the impact on their mental well being and their ability to maintain work-life balance as a result of navigating pandemic-related disruptions and fluctuating mandates across the country for nearly two years. Kate Robertson could not agree more with the survey she claims her state of mind was at an all time low when she had to face the reality of closing her business.

“It comes with great sadness to inform all of my customers that I have had to close the doors of Secret Body Las Vegas permanently. This was not an easy decision and comes with grave sadness,” Says Kate Robertson.

If you have any questions regarding the closer of Secret Body Las Vegas you can reach out at 571-230-4117.