SchollyME Leadership Feeds Hundreds of Kids During Second Trip to Kiberia, Kenya

Melvin Nunnery, founder of the world’s leading athletic recruiting app SchollyME, and members of his leadership team visited Kiberia, a small village in Kenya, to feed over 400 students, for the second time this year.

The SchollyME Africa team previously visited Kiberia in April with the same goal in mind and has since pedaled forward to continue giving back. 

SchollyME recently launched its app within the schools of Kenya for students to connect with high school and collegiate-level coaches for both contracting and recruiting in the United States. The SchollyME app allows students to stay connected to coaches and recruiters by sharing their scores and highlights, becoming their own advocates in their athletic journeys. 

Nunnery understands that success starts with having the necessities to learn and play at school.

“Due to COVID-19 regulations, we are giving packed food and providing face masks to the children,” Nunnery said. “In total, we shared about 1,100 hours at Gifted Hands Educational Center at Gatwekera Village in Kibera.”

This philanthropy project all started with a meeting between Nunnery and SchollyME Vice President of Africa Omondi Amoke. Amoke shared stories of his father’s upbringing in Kenya, and Nunnery realized that bringing SchollyME to Africa could be a major opportunity. It’s about two things, he says: 

“Opportunity and hope. We believe that we can give them opportunities to learn in the United States, have an opportunity to go to college in the States, and then come back to Kenya, this beautiful place, to help and assist others,” Nunnery said. 

Nunnery said more philanthropic projects like this will develop as the SchollyME community grows in Kenya and beyond. 

“When I think about SchollyME Africa, it brings me joy because these are my people,” Nunnery said. “These are the people that look like me. The way that we’ve been welcomed here in Kenya, it’s really heartfelt and warm. I have brothers here, I have sisters here, aunties and uncles here.” 

For more information, visit or contact Omondi Amoke at 

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Source: SchollyME