Save Our Allies to Evacuate Marginalized and At-Risk Afghan Allies to Qatar

Washington, DC, February 03, 2022 –(– Save Our Allies, a direct-response rescue organization, along with partner NGOs, is continuing its work to rescue American citizens, Permanent Residents, SIV Holders, and other special groups affected by Afghanistan’s collapse in August 2021. Save Our Allies’ newest operation includes moving marginalized and at-risk families to Qatar.

“The work being accomplished by Save Our Allies and our partners is simply monumental, but the courage shown by the American citizens and Afghan Allies we are evacuating is utterly heroic,” says Nick Palmisciano, Vice President of Save Our Allies. “The tenacity and resilience they are displaying is spectacular. Our latest operation totals nearly 200 people and includes at-risk children, single mothers, female doctors, female journalists, professional athletes, national security assets, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and family members of an active duty US Marine, all of whom were in peril of losing their lives to the Talbian. They are the reason we remain committed to our mission.”

The cost of ongoing private evacuations resulting from the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is staggering. The newest mission carries a price tag of more than $450,000. “The cost of each Save Our Allies operation is high, but the cost of leaving these brave people behind is even higher. There is no price too high to save these lives,” says Chad Robichaux, President of Save Our Allies. “$290,000 of this trip was contributed directly by our generous donors in support of this effort. This funding covers flight costs, visas, entry medical exams, Covid testing, vaccinations, and 90 day sustainments of lodging and food for every person we’re resettling. We believe that navigating their new lives is as important as the rescue, and providing the foundation of support is crucial to Save Our Allies.”

Save Our Allies was created as a direct response to the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. Faced with the reality that the current US Administration was not doing enough to save Americans and Afghan Allies, Save Our Allies has been working diligently to help American Citizens, Permanent Residents, SIV Holders, and other special groups escape from Afghanistan. To date, the group has extracted more than 17,000 people from the country.

“We will continue identifying groups desperate to leave Afghanistan,” says Palmisciano. “As long as they want to leave, we will find a way to join hands with them and help. It’s why we created Save Our Allies, and it’s why we’ll continue paving roads to safe haven.”

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About Save Our Allies:
Established in 2021 in direct response to the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, Save Our Allies operates with a mission to rescue American Citizens, Permanent Residents, SIV Holders, and other special populations from Afghanistan and help them navigate the many challenges of being a Refugee in order to form a successful and productive life in the United States. To learn more, visit