S. Cosgriff’s new book “Utopia and the Cure” is about an alien civilization in trouble and the Utopians are facing extinction and must make plans on finding a new planet

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S. Cosgriff, a new author, has completed her new book “Utopia and the Cure”: a riveting tale that details how Utopia was where it all started and there were no wars, no jealousy, no greed, and no lawbreaking. Everyone had their own jobs whether it was lawn care, painting, or construction.

Cosgriff writes, “They, the Topians, were only allowed two children per couple to avoid over population of their planet. Their children were well-behaved and respectable and did well in education. The Topians were very tall, hardy, and healthy. Almost all the Topian people had light-brown hair, blue eyes, and beautiful faces. They loved healthy foods and life. They ate well: fish, meat, some sweets, lobster, and shrimp. They knew nothing of tobacco or alcohol, so they did not smoke or drink. The Topian scientists were masters of cloning. They cherished their animals and fish for their food supply, as well as fruits and vegetables. Cloning specialists that they were, there wasn’t anything they couldn’t clone as long as it had cells.”

Published by Page Publishing, S. Cosgriff‘s exciting work explores how after the Utopians find new planets to live on, three thousand years later… due to weather changes, devastation hits again.

This time the descendants of the original Utopians must try to come together with the earthlings to fight off a horrible virus. Readers will have to get the book to find out if love wins out. And to see if the Utopians can overcome insurmountable challenges.

Readers who wish to experience this eye-opening book can purchase “Utopia and the Cure” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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