Release of Auto Counter for COVID-19 – Smart Safety in Less Numbers

Announcing the availability of smart solutions for COVID-19 safe re-opening.

The Smart Sensor KMS-TI offers auto people counting and helps ensure safety – in less numbers.

This purpose-built technology counts how many people are coming in and out in real-time.

The device easily helps measure the flow of persons automatically to keep building safe and offer immediate compliance. The counting feature can also span multiple entrances and exits, providing an accurate count for all pathways and updates count data across each device. Provides regulatory compliance and immediate information.

Release of Auto Counter for COVID-19 - Smart Safety in Less Numbers

The KMS-TI sensor is a secure and privacy compliant, reliable person recognition through thermal image sensor. The monitoring is discrete and acoustic signal is included. The sensors can operate stand alone or as a full system.

Violations or breaches can be recorded via live video stream on each event for premise security or for human resources. It offers a safe contactless approach to adhering to new policies. The devices assist in monitoring people inside your facility to ensure safety of distancing. It alerts when too many persons are gathered in a room, alerts when overcapacity in a room.

The company recognizes social distancing offers safety-in these unprecedented times, and the release of devices for person counting can assist building owners and facilities to stay compliant. Because an infected person can transmit viruses to other people in the room via exhaled aerosols, the KMS-TI unit has included an air quality sensor in each device to look at various levels of air particles and alert on severe density.

Through the AI backed smart processing there is intelligence to alarm on severe air quality when pollutants are present. Air quality levels and aerosols in the air are monitored to ensure safe clear and clean air. This is another measure to be utilized and can be set to alert in response against COVID-19; the possibility of lingering in dense air space.

Alternate E Source smart sensors are designed for the purpose of preventative and safety measures with innovation in healthcare and public security. Applications for the KMS-TI include schools and educational campuses, transportation hubs, corporate enterprise, and healthcare facilities.

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