Real Estate Agent Danny Skelly to Start a Fix and Flip Division for Orson Hill Realty

Evergreen, CO, March 19, 2022 –(– Prior to the pandemic lockdowns, Orson Hill Realty was establishing their fix and flip property division. At that time, because the unknown, lack of home inventory and not being able to find any decent homes for sale, Orson Hill Realty decided to put the fix and flips on the back burner until buyers gained back a little control. Every investor knows they maximize their ROI on the flip when thy get a good deal on the buy side.

“There are plenty of beautiful properties in the Denver Foothills. The problem is many are in disrepair and just need a little TLC. This is a great benefit for buyers as well as sellers,” Skelly said. He went on to explain is when a real estate company is the fix and flipper the consumer can rest assure they will be more honest and will not take advantage of the home seller or buyer. A real estate company is required to do things the “right way” or they risk losing everything over one bad deal. It isn’t losing the company over one deal.

The projections for year 1 is to purchase, rehab and sell 4 properties. The idea is to keep it manageable in the first year. By year 2, Skelly is hoping to double that number.