Publisher Announces New Book: ‘Observations Regarding Non-Prime Odd Numbers’

Dunlavy + Gray announces the release of Observations Regarding Non-Prime Odd Numbers, by New York Times bestselling author Joe Hilley.

For centuries, mathematicians have been captivated by the mystery of prime numbers. Their effort to decipher that mystery has focused on Riemann’s Hypothesis and the most abstract mathematic concepts imaginable. Yet many questions about primes remain unanswered.

While confined to his home during the pandemic, Joe Hilley turned his attention to those questions, seeking answers not from the primes themselves but from the non-prime numbers. Looking to them for clues about the nature of the primes—their propagation and occurrence.

“I wanted to do something different. To delve into a topic without knowing where it would lead, and then to follow that topic as far as I could,” Hilley said. “And do it without knowing beforehand whether it would lead to anything useful at all.”

With surprising insights sure to generate lively debate, Observations Regarding Non-Prime Odd Numbers gives readers an informative and entertaining account of Joe’s year-long effort.

About Joe Hilley

Joe Hilley is a New York Times Bestselling author. He lives on the Gulf Coast where he continues to work on his next book. For more information about Joe, visit his website at

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Observations Regarding Non-Prime Odd Numbers —available through bookstores everywhere.

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