PROVEN and Pass Partner to Provide Inclusive COVID-19 Global Health Pass

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PROVEN, a product launched to help fight the spread of COVID-19 and provide health solutions backed by licensed healthcare professionals, and Pass, a partner of demonstrated biometric and touchless healthcare technology providers since 2012, will serve as partners to ensure that individuals can travel safely and return to normalcy amid the COVID-19 pandemic through a convenient and secure mobile app. The product of this partnership is PassID powered by PROVEN, a digital health clearance solution created by USHealthPass and Pass.

The PassID powered by PROVEN tool helps fight the spread of COVID-19 while keeping users’ health information safe and seen only by licensed healthcare professionals. Key features of the app include verified COVID-19 vaccine credentials, COVID-19 symptom/contact tracing, and additional capabilities to use thermal imaging and biometric screening through Pass’s hardware capabilities. The system goes beyond the traditional vaccine passport by enabling all types of users to prove their health status, whether they are vaccinated, have recovered from COVID-19, have taken an at-home COVID-19 test, or can be verified by a health professional to have shown no signs of exposure or symptoms for an extended period of time.

The mobile app, called myPassID, is currently available for download from the App Store and Google Play. Users can sign up easily and quickly with just a phone number. To access the complete range of capabilities, users should upload an acceptable form of identification and a photo to verify their information. Once fully registered, the app generates a unique QR code to represent the user’s digital identity. To complement their profiles, users may also upload relevant records, like vaccine records, tickets, and other types of documentation. Users can scan their QR codes anywhere and everywhere to streamline identity, health, and ticket verification.    

“The goal of PassID powered by PROVEN is ultimately to give users a sense of safety as they return to normal life in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Pass Product Director Tom Simmons explained. “In this new age, we aim to put users in control of personal details such as vaccination status and give them a secure and seamless way to share their digital information.”

To accomplish this objective, the myPassID mobile app is secured with access control measures to keep users’ personal information private. The technology is HIPAA compliant so that users and organizations can feel comfortable knowing their data meets the highest industry standards.

“PROVEN uses medical professionals to verify the COVID-19 health status for travelers, employees, guests, and customers,” said USHealthPass President Peter Gallic. “PassID powered by PROVEN will provide a robust tool to businesses and the travel industry that does not discriminate against people without a vaccine but looks holistically at the health history and status of each person.”

Additionally, PROVEN is working with NAHA Health to provide clinical support and CheckMyTest for COVID-19 testing solutions. NAHA Health’s clinicians will quickly review users’ vaccination and health status, and verify the information provided by users by accessing health records. NAHA Health is a healthcare company that is HIPAA compliant and has teams of licensed clinicians, doctors, and nurses that regularly access healthcare records to treat patients.

Backed by healthcare professionals, PROVEN provides a global alternative to vaccine passports that can even clear unvaccinated users. The PassID powered by PROVEN tool enables those who are opposed to vaccinations or have a medical reason not to be vaccinated, such as having COVID-19 antibodies, to be able to move about freely and safely after being medically cleared.

Based in Clearwater, Florida and Washington, D.C., PROVEN is a new digital health tool launch by USHealthPass, which is partnering with organizations across the globe to safely reopen as we find new solutions to live and work with COVID-19, and allows people to move freely without violating their privacy (HIPAA compliant). PROVEN provides a global health pass to help keep each other safe as we get back to life. The tool keeps everyone’s personal health information safe and all medical records confidential as they are reviewed by licensed healthcare professionals. PROVEN provides employers, schools, tourism, hospitality and event providers a straightforward color-coded status to quickly understand if someone has been COVID verified or not. For more information, please visit

Pass is a PassID offering that focuses on providing access control mechanisms for organizations and individuals alike. The Pass product suite involves a range of solutions including an access control endpoint, a mobile app with verified digital credentials, and a cloud platform with advanced data analytics – all of which enable users to authenticate and utilize their identity to move through life seamlessly. To learn more, visit or connect with us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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