Protect Against 2022 Cyber-Threats with eMazzanti’s Cybersecurity Workshop Series

2022 Cyber-Threats

The ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape requires business leaders to stay on top of every incident and threat.

eMazzanti Technologies, a leading cybersecurity specialist, has made available free on demand its five-session 2021 Cybersecurity Workshop Series. The virtual workshops feature experts from WatchGuard and eMazzanti Technologies who address critical topics for business leaders to protect against 2022 cyber-threats.

The ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape requires business leaders to stay on top of every incident and threat. Since the pandemic, every company has been forced to adapt and update its security strategy for continued protection.

To help business leaders prepare for 2022 cyber-threats, eMazzanti has hosted the leading cybersecurity experts from WatchGuard Technologies for five mission-critical executive briefings to give attendees the information needed to protect their organizations.

Each one of these 60-minute dynamic workshops inform business leaders on how to implement the tools, best practices, and tips to stay on top of the 2022 cybersecurity threats that could disrupt businesses of all sizes. They also show how cybersecurity can be both effective and easy.

All sessions are available via complementary Replay on Demand.

Workshop Session Descriptions

1. Endpoint Security – An active discussion that looks at the importance of combining traditional anti-virus with next gen technology to protect against complex and sophisticated attacks. Also learn how WatchGuard’s Endpoint Security Platform can instantly increase a company’s security posture.

2. The case for tightening network security through Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – Alexandre Cagnoni, Director of Authentication at WatchGuard, makes it clear why MFA is critical to building a strong security plan inside the organization.

3. Hackers never take a summer vacation – Ryan Poutrie from Watchguard explains the six known Wi-Fi threats and how they can easily compromise a network. Also learn how to build trusted and secure hybrid environments to accommodate the back-to-work and work from home paradigm.

4. 2021 Cyber Threat Landscape – Marc Laliberte, WatchGuard Senior Security Analyst, discusses 2021 cyber-threats, including the top three types of attack and strategies to defend against them.

5. Enable Your Remote Workforce – Jim Steinbacher, WatchGuard Technical Evangelist for Wireless, delivers an interactive workshop focused exclusively on the biggest threat surface in 2022, remote work WI-FI.

Access Cybersecurity Workshop Series Replay

Interested parties may also arrange a one-to-one session via email at to speak directly to one of eMazzanti’s cybersecurity experts.

Partner with 2022 Cyber-Threats Experts

eMazzanti Technologies helps business leaders navigate the 2022 cyber-threats landscape to protect their customer information and business assets. The company offers cybersecurity solutions, including cloud-based network security, dark web monitoring, and multi-layered protection with advanced malware detection and intrusion prevention.

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