PROSHRED® Washington D.C. Celebrates Earth Day by Announcing Staggering Numbers in Environmental Savings

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“Through our efforts of environmental stewardship, we have also been able to serve our global community.” – Christopher Fisher, Account Manager, Proshred D.C.

21st Century Security, dba PROSHRED® Washington D.C., continues to make strides toward a brighter future for the D.C. area with the company’s ongoing efforts to recycle shredded material and reduce the community’s environmental impact. This fact is supported by the recent announcement of incredible environmental savings data provided by the owner and general manager Martin Fisher.

Released just in time for Earth Day, the latest Environmental Savings Report reflects a staggering 6,417,503 pounds of paper refuse being recycled at a trusted local recycling facility, preventing about 320,875 cubic yards of landfill space from being needlessly used.

These impressive numbers equate to saving roughly 54,549 trees from being cut down, as well as a whopping 1,219,326 gallons of oil, 15,402,007 kilowatt-hours of energy, and 22,461,260 gallons of water from being used.

“Over the last decade-plus of providing the DMV with information security services we have developed a great sense of pride in serving our local community,” said Christopher Fisher, Account Manager Proshred DC. “Through our efforts of environmental stewardship, we have also been able to serve our global community. As we have grown as a company, so too has our positive environmental impact. Whether you have confidential information on paper documents, hard drives, electronic devices, or proprietary materials, Proshred Washington D.C. can provide a solution that ensures that your materials never end up in the wrong hands as well as never end up in a landfill.” said Christopher Fisher, Account Manager, Proshred D.C.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has worked hard to continue providing D.C. area businesses and residents with high-quality, top-rated shredding services to better protect their confidential data while keeping unnecessary trash out of landfills. As evidenced by the impact report, their efforts are paying off substantially, paving the way for a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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PROSHRED® Washington D.C. is a top-rated, secure document shredding company that provides both on-site paper shredding and mobile hard drive shredding services to customers in the greater D.C. area. The locally-owned company services government offices, large businesses, financial institutions, law firms, medical facilities, and remote workers to help them both dispose of sensitive data securely, the shredding company also provides secure recycling of all shredded confidential data to help clients remain in compliance with privacy laws. For more information about how to set up services with PROSHRED® Washington D.C, visit

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PROSHRED® Security is a franchise of nationally-recognized and accredited shredding companies located all over the United States. PROSHRED® has been pioneering new shredding technologies for over 30 years and is the country’s only ISO 9001 Certified secure on-site shredding company. The company specializes in paper shredding and hard drive destruction and is one of a few on-site shredding companies that does not charge additional fees for fuel, no matter where clients are located within a service area. For more information about shredding services, visit

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