Promoting an E-Commerce Store With Newswire Can Be the Best Gift for Businesses This Holiday Season

Online shopping is on the rise in the consumer market, and e-commerce is the bridge connecting them to brands this winter.

Increased restrictions are either on the horizon or a new reality for many states after recent spikes in COVID-19 cases, resulting in the increased popularity of digital experiences once again. The e-Commerce industry expanded rapidly after the initial stages of the crisis occurred in March; now, with the busiest time for holiday shopping in the United States approaching quickly, many brands have launched online marketplaces to stay in front of their consumers. Newswire’s Press Release Distribution Platform offers e-commerce brands the chance to effectively distribute content to targeted audiences during the holiday season. 

Per Anna Meyer, assistant editor for Inc. Magazine, digital marketplaces and e-commerce stores may be environments that can benefit new owners. According to Meyer, Ottawa-based Shopify launched its Gift a Business campaign, from which gift-givers can buy custom packages of pre-built stores for business owners and executives. However, launching a store is only half of the battle. Newswire’s Press Release Distribution Platform helps e-Commerce owners efficiently market their store, expand brand awareness online, and help influence key industry figures. 

“Strategic press release distribution can improve both visibility and reach,” said Charlie Terenzio, Newswire’​s VP of Earned Media Advantage Business. “This is crucial for e-commerce stores that are looking to have a big holiday season over Black Friday weekend and throughout the month of December.”

Newswire’s Press Release Distribution Platform has provided e-commerce businesses with the ability to target local, regional, state and national news media, as well as well-known industry outlets.

“Targeting is key for e-commerce brands as they need to ensure that their products, services, and company news reaches audiences that can become qualified leads as they progress through marketing funnels,” said Erik Rohrmann, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Newswire. 

Newswire’s distribution helps online stores capture more traffic and improve search rank over time. The platform has been used to revamp e-commerce marketing for a multitude of brands this year. 

Learn why Newswire’s Press Release Distribution Platform can be the best gift you can get for your e-Commerce platform today. 

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