Private Line: How to Protect Your Personal Phone Number and Online Identity

Sunnyvale, CA, September 30, 2021 –(– In the digital era, it has become the common practice of platforms and services to request customers and users providing phone numbers or email addresses to register accounts. Products and services providers tend to let users establish online profiles with other personal information to identify different users, track online activities and form marketing and customer services strategies.

However, unnecessary online exposure of sensitive information can be very risky. Without sharing personal information cautiously, from phone numbers, email addresses to Social Security numbers and financial information, netizens may eventually get exposed to hackers and scammers in the digital world with sensitive data unconsciously handed over by themselves.

While spam phone calls and emails have become annoying distractions that are almost inevitable in modern life, the more severe consequence could be that scammers can easily take advantage of people in vulnerable situations with exposed information. According to the FTC data, the total Covid-related fraud loss has reached more than $564 since the beginning of 2020.

Cybersecurity experts at Private Line provided some tips to protect personal information and online identity from being misused as follows:

• Don’t overshare your personal information publicly. Be aware that all platforms and services you share your personal phone number and other information with are in potential danger of data leaking and exposure.

• Don’t link different forms of personal information in specific accounts. The more information you provide, the higher risks there would be once these sites or services were targeted by hackers and scammers.

• Use a disposable phone number to register or share on platforms that you cannot confirm the authenticity or people you cannot completely trust yet. Personal phone numbers are one of the most popular personal information usually used as identity verification information.

Although many online services users have become quite accustomed to the exposure of personal information, especially seemingly less sensitive data like phone numbers, it is important to proactively protect personal information and avoid online identity being misused.

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About Private Line
Private Line is a private phone number app for users to keep personal phone number hidden. Uses can use US & Canada phone numbers for texting and calling. When using Private Line to make a call or send a text message, it’s sent from a dedicated Private Line number and never interacts with a personal mobile number.
People are using Private Line for business, work, online selling & shopping, and any other situation where they want to keep their primary phone number private while contacting strangers.