Is Working With Small Businesses To Maximize Communications Amid A Rise In Covid Cases

Surging COVID cases around the nation are prompting many business leaders to take action in preparation of any response that could impact future business. is working with CEOs and business leaders to develop messaging and announcements in anticipation of a response from state governments due to rising COVID cases around the US.’s simple and affordable wire distribution has been a key resource in a number of clients’ ability to increase their online visibility, improve their position in search, and discover new opportunities to connect with media professionals in their respective industry.

“Many are seeing the rise in cases around the country, and are concerned of the possibility of future lockdowns and restrictions,” according to Erik Rohrmann, COO at “Our clients, equipped with experience from the initial onset of COVID, are taking action to develop a plan to keep business running smoothly with our low cost press release distribution no matter how state governments decide to respond.”

Early November, the US broke a new record high for daily coronavirus cases, topping 140,000, according to a recent CNN article. The steady increase in positive cases is prompting many businesses to take action and plan out media and marketing initiatives that can help supplement business in case of government mandated restrictions or shutdowns.’s low cost, comprehensive distribution has been a resource for a number of clients that are looking to get more reach for less.

Building partnerships with Newswire and Accesswire has allowed to provide businesses more value than ever. connects businesses with local, state and national audiences through wire distribution to prominent business networks including MarketWatch, Bloomberg, Yahoo! Finance, Morningstar, CBS, ABC, FOX and NBC. helps businesses and its leaders maximize their communications through simple and effective press release distribution services. To learn more about how to create newfound value through press release content, visit

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