President Trump’s Health Policies Save American Lives

“Medicare for all” is not the “cure all” for quality U.S. health care.

The following is an open letter from Dr. Paul Saba M.D., physician and author of the book “Made to Live”.

I am a Canadian and American physician now working in Montreal who has lived and practiced in both countries. “Medicare for all” is not the “cure all” for quality U.S. health care. Canada’s socialized medicine model is far from perfect and should not be followed.

President Trump’s executive order for “Health Care for All”  signed on September 24, 2020, declaring that no American with a pre-existing condition would be deprived of health insurance, and that every American would have more accessible and affordable health care is a far superior and credible plan based on his record.

In August of 2019, I cared for a physically active patient who passed out when dancing. Not having a family physician (common in Canada), I agreed to care for her. She had a remedial heart condition (severe aortic stenosis) but died just before Christmas waiting for valve replacement surgery because of bed shortages caused by government cost cutting.

Heart conditions also affect newborns. In my book “Made to Live” (, our daughter Jessica’s story highlights the eagerness of some doctors to end the lives of pre-borns and newborns. Because of her severe congenital cardiac malformation, we were encouraged to proceed with an abortion, and not to intervene to save her life after she was born. We refused. Jessica is now a flourishing, energetic 11-year-old (video:

President Trump has been a strong advocate for life, signing executive orders for: life-saving medical care for babies born alive; $500 million paediatric cancer fund; affordable medications; Veterans Choice to avoid delays; Right to Try law for experimental life-saving treatments; innovative medical research; health insurance for pre-existing conditions; and accessible and affordable health care.

During COVID, he closed borders, issued guidelines to flatten the curve, built ventilators, and developed therapeutics and vaccines. He has avoided and de-escalated wars, saving lives. Building the U.S. economy has increased employment resulting in improved health and prolonged life. 

President Trump’s health policies save American lives. 

Information: Dr. Paul Saba is the author of “Made to Live which describes a physician’s journey to save lives and debunks the myths of abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia. The book describes the value of every life whether pre-born, after-birth or anytime along life’s journey. Telephone: 514-886-3447 email:

Source: Dr. Paul Saba M.D.