Plumber Offers 15% Discount for Charities for All Plumbing Services in Kent

Local plumber offers a special discount to Kent charities in need of plumbing work this holiday season.

Pristine Plumbing Services, a local Kent plumbing service business, is offering a special discount on all plumbing services to local charities. Located in Kent at 11216 SE 223rd Street, Pristine Plumbing offers a plethora of plumbing services to Kent and all surrounding areas. Family-owned, with more than 10 years of plumbing experience, Pristine Plumbing are the local Kent neighborhood experts for all plumbing services.

Pristine Plumbing caters to all plumbing needs with 24/7 customer service. They service sewers, gas lines, water heaters, drains, and offer emergency plumbing services. Their small team of plumbers are trusted local experts, promising to take the hassle out of any plumbing issue with quick and professional work.

They recently updated their website to offer customers a discount: Customers can get up to 10% off all Pristine Plumbing services with a coupon, according to their website. But to better help people in need during the COVID-19 crisis, they are offering 15% off all plumbing services to licensed 501 (c)(3) charities in particular. Pristine Plumbing is reaching out to multiple charities proactively here in Kent to offer work at this reduced price point to help them get through what’s looking to be a tough winter, including Open Doors for Multicultural Families.

We spoke to the owner, Nick Kea about his choice to offer a greater discount to charities. He responded by saying “these times have taken a toll on all of us. I’ve worked in Kent for a long time, and I want to help my community in any way I can.” In addition, he said he wants to help those who have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis, especially the charities who have the ability to help others in the Kent community and throughout King County.

“This crisis has affected us all differently, but charities have taken a greater hit. I want to give back to the community,” Nick says. “I’m hoping this discount can help anyone who has been affected by this global pandemic, even if it’s just a small gesture.”

“If you run or work for a 501(c)(3) charity, please contact us about getting work done for your facilities at a discounted rate, we’d love to help out,” Nick concluded.

Nick has been the owner of Pristine Plumbing since 2018 and has many more years of experience, making him and his team your local plumbing neighborhood experts. Trusted and professional, Pristine Plumbing is happy to help with any of your plumbing needs.

Pristine Plumbing is located at 11216 SE 223rd St, Kent, WA, 98031. Learn more about their services by visiting their website, or calling them at 253-243-2214.

Source: Pristine Plumbing Services