PinPoint Enables Compliance With New Jersey State-Required COVID-19 Screening Requirements and Re-Entry Protocols provides remote mandatory screening for workers and essential visitors throughout New Jersey, meeting the requirements laid out in Executive Order No. 192

In response to the rapidly rising cases of COVID-19, Governor Murphy signed Executive Order No. 192, which mandates that New Jersey employers abide by certain health and safety standards in an effort to protect employees and other individuals at workplaces during the pandemic.

“With today’s action…We now have the essential tools and resources we need to ensure businesses are operating safely, and our economy is moving forward,” said Labor Commissioner Asaro-Angelo. “By protecting New Jerseyans in the workplace, we are lessening the health risks to families and communities…”

The executive order will require both private and public sector employers to follow health and safety protocols.  The Order mandates, that beginning at 6:00 a.m. on Nov. 5, 2020, these health and safety protocols must be in place. These new requirements include: Employers are required to conduct daily health checks of employees consistent with both CDC guidance and the confidentiality requirements of state and federal laws; Requires that individuals at the worksite maintain at least six feet of distance from one another to the maximum extent possible; Requires individuals at the worksite to wear face masks and make available sanitization materials.

“The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving with new measures being amended and adopted at a state level,” says Chris Nickerson, PinPoint Managing Partner. “The PinPoint platform provides an automated and flexible platform that delivers the remote health check screenings through text messaging and email.”

PinPoint’s privacy protected, web-based screening tool application contains a number of health check questions to screen for COVID related, travel domestically and internationally, temperature thresholds or close contact with a person with a confirmed or probable diagnosis of COVID-19. The PinPoint platform queries symptoms and status checks are time and date stamped, while alert notifications and reports are automatically delivered to management and human resources.

Executive Order 192 requires that the Commissioner of the NJDOL provide compliance, safety materials and training for both employers and employees regarding the protocols. The Order also outlines the penalties for non-compliance which include the potential closure of worksites, fines of up to US$1,000 and up to six months in prison.


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Founded in 2016, PinPoint is an experienced provider of safety solutions and compliance technology, enables real-time accountability. Our technology was originally launched in the school system to provide instant accountability for students and teachers in emergency situations. Our mission is to utilize innovative technology for the safety and security of our communities, schools, and businesses. The PinPoint web-based re-entry screening application delivers questions for COVID-19 symptoms, restricted travel, and temperature thresholds for employees to complete prior to entering the workplace. The PinPoint platform is currently protecting organizations across many different industries and School Districts all over the World.

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